Inspiration can come from the strangest places

I am constantly amazed by what inspires me  – where ideas and colour combinations for a quilt come from.   This week’s work in progress is a good case in point.

modern scrap flying geese quilt topThis bright scrap quilt was inspired by my local petrol/gas station logo.


Strange I know, but I was filling the car up one day and realized I really love these two colours together.  I promptly came home and pulled some scraps and made up this block.

stop flying dutchman

I originally posted about this flying geese pattern back in April this year.  You can find the original post, with a free paper piecing pattern here.  A couple of months later and I got the urge to finish this quilt top, so I pulled fabric from my stash as well as from my scrap pile and started work.


Now I have a stack of blocks and I am gradually putting the top together.

scrap modern flying geese blocks

My placement is random and fun and I have thrown in a couple of reverse blocks to break things up.  It is kind of fun making the arrows go all over the place.

shell geese detail

I have also been thinking of making some yellow arrows with yellow background, but I am not sure about it.  Any thoughts?


30 thoughts on “Inspiration can come from the strangest places

  1. Great inspiration 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, funnily enough, every time I pixelate something to hide it on my blog, someone says I need to make a quilt out of it, and I always agree, and then promptly forget… *ahem*

  2. What a great combination. I love the colors and love the geese in all directions. I would have to try the yellow ones and see how they would work. Fun how inspiration can hit and I love that you follow it. I normally get side tracked or have too many running through my head. Can’t wait to see this!

  3. Gorgeous block, it’s funny how things can strike you like that. I had a similar experience the other day when looking at bottles in the was lemon and pale blue for me. Now I really want to make something combining those with a mix of greys! Your block is much prettier than the shell sign it has to be said!

  4. Never have the Shell colors looked so good! What a fun project. My instinctive reaction to the yellow geese is, No. But Elizabeth Barton says visual design should be tested visually, not mentally, so I agree with everyone who says make a couple and lay out a block and see what you think.

  5. You are always thinking, aren’t you!? I love it and was so surprised that the Shell sign was where you got the idea of red and yellow together! Your geese are perfect… And your scraps are scrumptious! Thanks for sharing, Cath!

  6. I think a couple of yellow arrows with yellow backgrounds thrown in the mix would look incredible! I mean, it already looks gorgeous, so it could just add to it! 🙂 Can’t wait to see progress!

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  8. I wrote a comment but it seems to have gone missing. Just saying that your sense of color combinations are awesome, you manage things I would never have dreamt of. Like turquoise and red…..and this one. Think I need a different pair of colored glasses LOL.

  9. I think I might have tried this on the wrong place ;-o
    But what I said was – I get so inspired by your free colored spirit and how you combine colors. Some which I would never had thought of – like the dark red and turquoise and this one. Simply stunning

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