Pastel Paper Piecing Monday Block 2

Oh I am loving the new colour selection for Paper Piecing Monday.  It is a little out of my comfort zone but I surprisingly have a lot of pastel fabric in my stash… who knew!

finished pastel block

Like last week I used a fabulous pattern from Don’t Call Me Betsy’s “Lucky Star BOM“.  Part of my wants to make this block again, but with another colour for the center pin wheel.  Oh if only I had the time!

Block parts

This really was a simple pattern with just 32 pieces, and there is definitely room to play with colour and make the pattern look really different.

Now back to red and yellow flying geese.  I am nearly finished, but it has taken way longer than I thought it would to get them done.

9 thoughts on “Pastel Paper Piecing Monday Block 2

  1. Such a different colour scheme compared to what I’m used to seeing from you but absolutely gorgeous. The way you graduated out the colours works so wonderfully.

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