Zakka Flowers wip

Last week, while I was cleaning up our very messy office/quilt fabric storage room I came across my large stash of Denyse Schmidt fabric.  I have been hording Denyse’s fabric for a while, including the DS Quilts lines.  I have not really used the fabric other than in bits and pieces in scrap quilts, but this week all that has changed.

paper pieced flower pattern

All this week I  have been making Denyse Schmidt Zakka flowers.  I found this fabulous pattern in the book “Patchwork Please” and it just screamed to be made in my DS stash.  So I have been making flowers all week… lots and lots of flowers.

DS Quilt Zakka flower

During this process I have discovered:

1.  I did not buy enough Flea Market Fancy – it is such a great line.

2.  I did not start building my stash soon enough because some of the earlier lines are FABULOUS and missing from my collection – early Flea Market, Katie Jump Rope and Hope Valley in particular.

3.  You must concentrate when paper piecing and not be distracted by your husband or you end up doing this…


So here is what a weeks worth of of Zakka flowers looks like…

Denyse Schmidt paper pieced flowersAnd there are more to do.  I have become a little obsessed with these beauties and have at least 5 more cut and ready to go.  This pattern is proving to be the perfect showcase for my DS fabric stash.

So is there a line of fabric you have been stashing/hoarding and not using?

31 thoughts on “Zakka Flowers wip

  1. I love them! I also have some DS just because she sells at Joans and I happened on it with a coupon of course! Your blocks are wonderful! And your blocks on your blog title look amazing too! Love your choice of prints.

  2. i don’t even know where to start with this. this is incredible. i am obsessed. there are no words. no words. i wish i had this stash, these blocks, this quilt. this is the best thing i’ve ever seen. i will throw a personal party when it’s done- beautiful!

  3. again these are beautiful. You are smashing this pattern to bits and I love it. The DS is such a great print for these old timey modern flowers. I also have a stash of DS that I am envisioning a pickle dish quilt with. hoarding away.

  4. Fabulous blocks to showcase fabrics. I am a big fan of DS and have some hoarded fabrics too that I haven’t the nerve to cut yet. Can’t wait to see what you do with 1930’s………

  5. I have a copy of that book already on its way, which is good as I see four zakka flowers becoming a cushion cover. I also bought two flea market fancy prints this week. They were on the sale rack! I have recently developed a theory – while looking at blogs and quilting books – that to be a modern quilter (not that I am) you MUST have some of the Denise Schmidt flea market fancy fabric, specifically the print that looks like small black sprouts. 🙂

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