Bee Block fun… wip Wednesday

This week has been all about Bee Blocks… finishing up my September blocks and making decisions about the October blocks.  First up is do.Good.Stitches Hope blocks…

;ink block 2

After last month’s crazy mini flying geese block it was refreshing to do a nice easy fun block.  The request was for two 12 inch log modern log cabin blocks… right up my alley.

pink block 1

The other Bee request was for some Trip Along blocks.  We were given a bit of range when doing these blocks, so I stepped outside my colour comfort zone and ended up with a woodland inspired block…

scrapbeelicious bee block 2

And this one…

scrapbeelicious bee block

In between the Bee blocks I have been adding more blocks to my Zakka Flower quilt.  This weeks new blocks include these two lovelies.

Zakka Flower 2

Zakka Flower 1

These flowers are decidedly addictive. I am currently at 18 flowers and have more cut ready to go.  It does not help my addiction that Denyse Schmidt has designed so much great fabric!

The final project of the week has been getting some photographs taken of ME.  Any of you who have explored my block in-depth or follow me will know that:

(1)    I hate having my photo taken; and

(2)    there is only one photo of me up on the site and it is ancient.

I finally had to give in and get some head shots done, so without further ado here is an out take from the shoot…

photo shoot out take

My darling BFF’s helped me out which meant the whole experience was not too traumatic… and there was lots and lots of laughter.


33 thoughts on “Bee Block fun… wip Wednesday

  1. Women of the world, why do we hate having our picture taken? Let’s get over it and just be happy with our awesome selves!

    Sorry, I just hate to hear wonderful, talented, amazing, beautiful women say they hate having their picure taken. I wish beauty didn’t matter so much. Let’s be nice to ourselves.

    Also, your zakka flowers are adorbs.

  2. Great blocks Cath but I sol love your photo! Nice to put a face to the woman who brings us so much joy! There isn’t anything better than sharing a great laugh with friends. Looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Those Zakka flowers look rather fun to make. It’s a block that didn’t really impact me when I first saw it, but lately has been growing on me. I love their scale and symmetry.

  4. I love that picture of you on the quilts. You have such a great blog. I check in with it often. Your injured hand isn’t slowing you down!

  5. Those Bee Blocks are so darling! I love those pinks and corals together and all those sweet little prints….cute! Your picture is really fun and sweet! It’s always good to have a photographer that can me you laugh 🙂

  6. Love your work, as always! Are you including the leaves with the flowers? Now I have Ayumi’s book, I was surprised to see the leaves and I think the flowers work both with and without them. What do you think?
    (PS: I too hate having my photo taken; I always look so wooden. I love the photo you have here as it caught you in a relaxed and natural moment. Lovely.)

    • I am not going to use the leaves with my quilt. I did a test run with them and found the pattern is sized funny – it was too small for my flowers. In the end I liked the quilt without them, and it meant more room for more flowers.

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