A solid finish

I committed this week to try to finish a quilt a week for October… and I mean baste, quilt and bind.  I want to try to get as many quilts finished and delivered to Project Linus before the holidays.  A crazy goal I know, but I have to give it a go.

To start this slightly mad schedule I decided to make another trip around quilt. I love these quilts, they are so easy and fun to make.  This one is a little different for me can you tell how?

Trip around pastel quilt

Those of you who know my work will note a distinct lack of pattern on the fabric.  Yep I made a completely solid quilt.  I have only made one of these before and it was a disaster, luckily this one came out much much better.

My Trip Along started life as a jelly roll, that has been sitting in my stash for quite a while….

Rober Kaufman jelly roll  I love the colours of the roll, but did not know what to do with it until I had to make some Bee trip around blocks recently.  Those blocks inspired me to make another Trip Around quilt and so the fun started.  I managed to get 16 x 12 inch blocks out the one jelly roll (with a little finagling to get the last block complete).

With the first Trip Around quilt I did I went scrappy, bright and used the traditional block layout but with this quilt I went with a wave layout.

wave pattern

My hand is still not allowing me to do any quilting other than straight lines, but luckily I think it works perfectly with this quilt top. I quilted diagonally across the top using a nice Sulky thread to add some shine to the stitches, my way of compensating for the lack of print on the fabric.

quilting detail

To finish it all off I had to find a piece of backing fabric that would compliment and offset the solid fabric front.  I was thrilled to find in my stash this AMAZING Alexander Henry print.

quilt back

Here is a close up detail on the fabulous jungle print.  It really is the most perfect fabric for this quilt.

alexander henry fabric

All that was left was to label and machine bind the quilt.  Staying true to the front of the quilt I went with a Kona solid binding in dusty purple.

quilt binding

So one quilt down for this month a few more to go…

Fine print: I do reserve the right to subtly or not so subtly pull out of my “one quilt a week” schedule.  I also reserve the right to call myself crazy for setting such a schedule.

19 thoughts on “A solid finish

  1. First, let me just say I am not much of a pastel person. But this quilt is gorgeous! I totally want to go make one of my own now! Love the layout, and the quilting looks awesome, and that back is going to make some very lucky child delighted!

  2. Ok. So I thought I loved this quilt. And I knew right away what was different with the solids. Loyal fan that I am. BUT then you showed the back. Stop it!!! Amazing!!! That print with the front is fabulous. You are amazing, cath!!!

  3. The wave layout is amazing. I didn’t notice at first that it’s all solids, but it really works here.

    Jelly rolls work out wonderfully for this design, don’t they?

  4. That is a mighty task to finish one quilt a week but it is for an amazing cause. I love how you placed the scrappy trip block and the backing is fabulous.

  5. Omigah, Cath — as if the front weren’t beautiful enough, THAT PRINT ON THE BACK?! …I want. It reminds me of the illustrations in a book ours parents read to us back in the day about a little mouse that saved a lion… so so lovely!

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