Foxy Paper Piecing Monday

Okay I could not help myself…I just had to do it…

Paper pieced fox block

I decided that my low volume quilt needed a block from No Hat’s In the House fabulous Forest quilt, as a not too subtle nod to the amazing quilt that inspired my low volume sampler.  So I bit the bullet and headed over to the Forest QAL and picked one of their FREE paper piecing  blocks.

These patterns are crazy good but complex.  How complex I hear you ask… well my fox took four colours…

fabric pull for fox

cut into 99 scraps of fabric…

fabric & paper bites 2

sewn onto 27 separate pattern pieces…

block bits and guidethat were then sewing into three sections…

piecing block

These sections were then sewn together to make one incredible block.

I was so thrilled with how this block turned out and I kept shoving it in my husbands face saying “look how fabulous this is”… “isn’t this block incredible”… “have you ever seen anything so amazing”.   He was not as excited as I had hoped about the whole thing.  Actually his response was decidedly underwhelming.  Going to have to get him to work on that.

He just keeps saying “what does the fox say“….

38 thoughts on “Foxy Paper Piecing Monday

    • It is crazy contagious… but not as catchy as their Stonehenge song. That one was stuck in my head for weeks… darn just mentioning it has got it stuck again!.. what is the meaning of Stonehenge!

  1. Oh my gosh it’s absolute perfection!! And how many pieces again?? I have been wanting to to make this block as well but i may need to rethink it, yowza!

    • Don’t re-think just make it. It came together much easier than I thought and the pattern is hard to mess up if you gave the master layout in front of you. I used the seam ripper only once and that was because I did not like the fabric choice.

    • The patterns for the Forest QAL are so gorgeous. Not all of them are as crazy as the fox… actually I just went back and checked and all of them, even the ones that look simple are a little mad. But they are worth the effort.

  2. It looks amazing! I fully understand the husband response. Mine can be the same way! He’s very supportive but sometimes I wish he would up the enthusiasm 🙂

    • Chelsea I encourage you to embrace the paper and little scraps of fabric that paper piecing brings into your life. I would not be quilting without paper piecing that is for sure. It is my drug of choice!

  3. So amazingly gorgeous. Someday I might have the patience to sit down and make him. And husbands are horrible at appreciating this – that’s what you have all of us for. 😀

  4. Yikes! I know the saying is something like ‘the simple things in life are often the best’, but the hellishly complicated can also be wonderful.
    I think I need to listen to the fox song again, knowing I will end up humming it all day. Again. It is funny how it has gone viral around the globe. Those kooky Norwegians! (I see in your comments they have another song. Perhaps I’ll be brave and listen to that too.)

  5. Yes! My kids are hot for that song, too! I thought you had enough of the low volume for now, but I am glad to see your fox block looking sew fine in those soft colours. Perfectly precise piecing job, Cath!

  6. Ooooh, I love your version of this block, and I am a huge flippin’ fan of Sarah’s original version as well. 😀 Great tribute!
    That song is ridiculously catchy!! Although I think my favorite bit about it is the response from the scientific community with samples of the noises foxes actually make. Let’s just say, there’s a reason it’s not well known. They sound FREAKY.

  7. He’s absolutely wonderful! You Aussie quilters really knock my socks off! I’m serious – you have this low volume thing nailed, and that’s just the start of my praise!

    • Thanks Jody. I have been thinking about your comment and all the amazing Aussie quilters I have seen on line. My thinking on why we may be a little different is that, unlike my American quilting friends, we did not grow up in a country/culture where quilting was a big thing. We do not really have the quilting history that Americans do. I think this means we come to patterns and quilting with fresh eyes. We are not as encumbered by tradition or rules. Okay that is just my thoughts and I could be totally wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time!

  8. Love it!! It’s amazing and the colors are perfect! And my husband would say the exact same thing…. And then my son would say what The Bored Zombie said (which is what he’s been singing for two weeks)!

  9. I have seen this QAL and was tempted to join in, but I just never have the time. I have almost all of the patterns saved though for the future, maybe. Your fox block is spectacular! Hubbies never understand how much work goes into this masterpiece! Love it, but for the record now I have that song stuck in my head again (and I didn’t click on the link!)

    • I am sorry I got the song stuck in your head. Ever time I think I have cleared the song from my head it pops up again. To make matters worse My husband bought a t-shirt on the weekend with the lyrics on it. I may never be free of it!!!!

  10. Hi! Your fox with low volume fabrics looks beautiful! When I showed my first foundation pieced block, woodpecker to my hb, he said ‘it’s nice – is it worth of that work and time’. Hmmm they just don’t have any idea! x Teje

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