Briar Rose wip Wednesday

This week I finally got up the courage to cut into my bundle of beautiful Briar Rose fabric.   I wanted this fabric soooo much that I saved up my money and  pre-ordered a 1/2 yard bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics… something I had never done before.

Briar Rose fabric bundle

The bundle has then sat, untouched, on my quilting desk.  I would occasionally pat it or rearrange the fabrics but I could not find the perfect block to inspire me to pick up my rotary cutter.

Fast forward to last weekend when I got a fabulous email from Katie at SwimBikeQuilt.  I had won a prize during her 100 Quilts for Kids campaign… and the prize was three pattern from the fabulous Red Pepper Quilts.  Needless to say there was much excitement and shouting and dancing around the house.  I had been eyeing up Rita’s Labyrinth pattern for a while and was so excited to receive a copy of it in my pattern bundle.  I now had the perfect Briar Rose pattern.

fussy cut modern quilt block

The pattern is so easy to follow and so fun to make.  I have been having a blast cutting up my stash, laying out the block bits and choosing what fabrics goes where.

Briar Rose Block 3

It is a refreshing break for me to be using just one line of fabric… no wading through scrap bins…. no huge piles of fabric in one particular colour.

Briar Rose block 2

Instead there is just a bundle of pretty on the cutting table and a yard or two of Kona Snow.  Not a piece of paper in sight. (my printer is taking a bit of a rest).

Briar Rose block 1Though I must admit that my blocks are not as perfect as they would be if I was using a paper pattern, I love them none the less.  I am embracing the fun of making these blocks, enjoying the beauty of the fabric line and relishing the thrill of doing something a little outside my comfort zone.

30 thoughts on “Briar Rose wip Wednesday

  1. Hi Cath,
    It’s Barbara, Phoebe’s mother. I am in Portland for a couple of days and would love to know what your favorite local quilt shop or two is. I have never found one I love. I love following your blog, your quilts and your joy. I am also so impressed with your generosity!!!!

    • Barbara I have a couple of great stores to check out. My favorite are Bolt and Modern Domestic both on Alberta Street and only a stones throw from each other. They stock modern fun fabric. And then there is the legendary Fabric Depot- it’s full to the brim with every kind of fabric you can imagine. I still find it overwhelming going there but you can always find what you need. Let me know how it all goes.

  2. I so understand the dilemma of coveting a certain bit of fabric. Isn’t it fun to find just the right design and finally make use of it? Your blocks look great.

  3. I so understand the dilemma of coveting a certain group of fabrics. Isn’t it fun to find just the right design to use it? Your blocks look great. Nice to have found your blog too.

  4. Loving your blocks! I have some fat quarters of this fabric and they too are lying around untouched until I can work out what to do with them. I wish I’d bought more now though those little bees are so cute 🙂

  5. This fabric collection is gorgeous so I not surprised you thought long and hard before cutting into it. All Rita’s quilts are fabulous and your blocks look great. It will be a lovely quilt.

  6. I’ve been in the same situation concerning Briar Rose! It just sits there nice and pretty, being petted and kissed (sometimes, maybe). So glad you won and found a beautiful pattern to showcase the fabric with!!

  7. Ooh nice! I also love these fabrics, I don’t know what has been stopping me from getting them! Probably because I have no clue what I would make, I already have a jelly roll of a different line unwrapped and staring at me begging to be turned into some sort if quilt and I can’t figure out what pattern to use!

  8. Good for you finding the courage to cut into your half yard bundle! You obviously made the right choice, too — your blocks are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the final quilt top!

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  10. Hi Cath,
    I too, fell in love with Briar Rose and though I did not purchase an entire bundle, did manage to order 2 yards of my favourite print in the line-the hex/bee print in lavender. I ended up making a Panel quilt a la Noodlehead, so that I didn’t have to cut the print up too much!!!
    I do have a small question…is your block 10″ or 12″ finished? I didn’t want to buy the pattern until I knew how big the blocks would end up being. I have been eyeing that pattern for literally years!!!
    Quilty Huggs,

    • Hi Jacqueline

      The block finished at 12 inches I believe (the quilt is in Australia with it’s new owner and it seems I did not make note of the blocks size!)… it is such a great pattern and a good way to highlight fabulous fabrics.

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