Pinwheel Paper Piecing Monday

The pastel pin wheel fun continues this week with the latest Paper Piecing Block.

lucky star pinwheel quilt block

This quilt is going to scream ‘pin wheel’ by the time I have finished.  I found some more fun patterns this weekend and I am excited to get some more blocks done so I can put up a wip photo for you.

blocks pieces

This is one of the easier patterns taking only 32 pieces to complete.  The blocks pattern was the “test” pattern for Don’t Call Me Betsy’s “Lucky Star Block” series  I made this block before – it was part of my Paper Piecing Monday Boston Edition.  One pattern, two very different blocks, which what I love about these patterns… lots of options.

I am now patiently awaiting the October block.  I love getting a new pattern in my email every month, a fun little present for me to play with.

11 thoughts on “Pinwheel Paper Piecing Monday

  1. I love all of your paper piecing blocks! Not a bad one in the bunch! Such pretty color inspiration too. I love how different they look with the different colors too.

  2. One of these months I’m going to dedicate myself to only paper piecing. This would make me happy 🙂 and I would be able to create beautiful things like you! 🙂 Love this color scheme! How many more blocks do you have for this quilt?

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