Simple quilts – an ongoing work in progress

Any of you that have been following my blog for a little while or anyone who has plowed through my site will know that I am pretty prolific in my quilt creation.  I am constantly trying new patterns or new colour combinations.  I make a lot of quilts.  In the last 6 months or so I have got into the habit of cutting 3 inch squares  from any of the scraps left over from my current project.

3 inch trim

As I am cutting fabric for a new quilt, I will make sure that any scraps that are big enough get cut into a 3 x 3 inch square and put into a shoe box set aside for them.  It has become a habit that means my scrap pile is a little more manageable and I have a ready supply of 3 inch squares for projects.

3 inch squares box

What can you do with a pile of 3 inch squares you may be asking… so far I have made:

1.  Granny Square blocks

Work in progress granny quilt blocks. Simple bright quilt block

2.  Doll quilts… that are currently in need of quilting!

Doll quilt wonky star

3.  Graduating colour quilts – Sunburnt country is made up of 3 inch squares


4.  Paper bag quilts – this quilt top is being made with a bag of white scraps and bag of pastel scraps.  I chain pieced white and pastel squares together, then sewed them into strings of 14 blocks long.  When finished this will be a very easy, but cute baby quilt.

pastel quilt

I have used the same paper bag process to make a number of fun quilts including my niece Zoe’s quilt.

zoe's quilt top

Up next I really want to make a scrap vomit quilt with all my 3 inch squares.  A total random hodge podge of fabrics sewn together to make something ugly beautiful.  Sounds like fun!

31 thoughts on “Simple quilts – an ongoing work in progress

  1. Hi Cath! I love your little squares and colours! They can really make many kind of amazing quilts! Without even trying, I have started to collect 2.5″ squares. Thank you for inspiration! x Teje

  2. Yup, I need to tame the scraps which are now completely overflowing the shoe boxes they live in. They’re colour sorted but not cut to size. Of course, this may just be an excuse to, ahem, go out and acquire some more shoe boxes…. I like the idea of a scrap vomit quilt, but I’ve always known it as a Lucky Dip. You put all the scraps into a bag, and just have to sew in the next one you pull out, irrespective of colour and pattern. It does work… eventually.

  3. Lots of wonderful quilts made up of 3 inch blocks. What are paper bag quilts? I’ve been on a mission to use up stash. May need to think about cutting them up into 3 inch squares. I have thought about 2 and 1/2″ strips. Really love your Granny Squares.

  4. You wouldn’t know how to make an ugly quilt! I save 3″ squares too and my collection is spilling out all over! I want to make a piece using Tula Pink jellyroll – any ideas? I’m stuck.

  5. I save 2.5 in squares and that box is never empty! I have made the scrap vomit quilt and that was really fun. I have cut up alot of my old truly ugly fabric and am trying to use it up. They are fun to make. I think I need to up my size to 3 or 3.5! Your scrap quilts all look great!

    • Hi. I have a couple of log cabin quilts on the site… and I have used a couple of different paper piecing patterns. You can enlarge the mini log cabin pattern I have for free on my site or you can google “free log cabin paper piecing pattern”. You will find all sorts of wonderful patterns you can use.

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