On a roll….

Another Friday finish for you…and this week is a darling little baby quilt I made using some small wonky star blocks I had floating around…

finished small wonky star quilt

Usually when I make wonky star quilts I use 5 inch squares to make the stars , but for this quilt I used my stash of 3 inch squares and a pile of scrap pieces to make 8 inch (unfinished) stars.

small star detail 2

Actually these stars had been sitting in my WIP pile for a while when I dug them up and started playing… I did not want to make any more stars so instead I used a pile of low volume scraps to play with the star layout.

small wonky star detail

I tried to lay the stars out randomly and used filler pieces – mainly 3 inch squares, 3 x 5 1/2 inch and 3 x 8 inch strips to fill in the gaps.  I wanted the background to be just as scrappy as the stars so I did not use any really big low volume pieces.

small star detail

The scrappy background also gave me more opportunities for fussy cutting, allowing me to cram in even more novelty prints (have you spotted the squirrels yet!).

My binding choice was a little different from usual with this quilt too… I went with low volume soft colours to frame the quilt instead of my usual wonky star binding – navy blue or scrappy brights.  I liked how this choice lets the stars jump off the quilt instead of containing them inside a frame.

quilting detail

The wonderful free motion quilting on this piece was done by my friend Michelle of Mariposa Quilting.  I was so pleased this quilt was not ruined by my clumsy straight line quilting.

Once washed this quilt will head off to the our local Pediatric Intensive Care unit where it will hopefully be used for a couple of good games of I Spy….

Simple quilts – an ongoing work in progress

Any of you that have been following my blog for a little while or anyone who has plowed through my site will know that I am pretty prolific in my quilt creation.  I am constantly trying new patterns or new colour combinations.  I make a lot of quilts.  In the last 6 months or so I have got into the habit of cutting 3 inch squares  from any of the scraps left over from my current project.

3 inch trim

As I am cutting fabric for a new quilt, I will make sure that any scraps that are big enough get cut into a 3 x 3 inch square and put into a shoe box set aside for them.  It has become a habit that means my scrap pile is a little more manageable and I have a ready supply of 3 inch squares for projects.

3 inch squares box

What can you do with a pile of 3 inch squares you may be asking… so far I have made:

1.  Granny Square blocks

Work in progress granny quilt blocks. Simple bright quilt block

2.  Doll quilts… that are currently in need of quilting!

Doll quilt wonky star

3.  Graduating colour quilts – Sunburnt country is made up of 3 inch squares


4.  Paper bag quilts – this quilt top is being made with a bag of white scraps and bag of pastel scraps.  I chain pieced white and pastel squares together, then sewed them into strings of 14 blocks long.  When finished this will be a very easy, but cute baby quilt.

pastel quilt

I have used the same paper bag process to make a number of fun quilts including my niece Zoe’s quilt.

zoe's quilt top

Up next I really want to make a scrap vomit quilt with all my 3 inch squares.  A total random hodge podge of fabrics sewn together to make something ugly beautiful.  Sounds like fun!