Starry Night continues – Paper Piecing Monday

After last weeks easy (read 18 piece) blocks I decided to up the fabric piece count with this weeks star.

Starry night Cactus Compass block

This fabulous star is another free pattern from Quilting on the Squares new bonus compass star patterns.  The Cactus Star Block star is a 64 piece star, with enough complexity in the colouring that I had to resort to coding my pattern…

Cactus Compass block parts

I must admit more and more orange is creeping into these stars…along with a touch of dark purple here and there.  I just can not seem to limit myself too much colour wise, particularly with these more complex blocks.  They work best, I think,  if you have variety in your colours.

27 thoughts on “Starry Night continues – Paper Piecing Monday

  1. It’s beautiful…. Good job! I’ve recently discovered your site, and have loved looking back at all your amazing projects. Thank you for sharing!

  2. You have the best fabric choices when it comes to these lovely paper-pieced blocks! I can’t wait to see these all together. 🙂

  3. These blocks are really influencing me! I haven’t yet tried paper piecing, but I really would like to try. And I’ll have to build up my fabric collection of yellows and deep blues to make a beauty like yours!

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