Starry Nights grow – Paper Piecing Monday

This week I decided to play a little with my Starry Night blocks, that is put them up on the design wall and see how it was all coming together.  But before I started “playing” I made this block….

paper pieced star

Yes, another pattern from Quilting on the Square’s free Bonus Compass blocks… this time I went with their twinkle pattern.   A lovely little pattern taking just 32 pieces.

twinkle pieces

As I started pinning the blocks up on my design wall I quickly realised I needed some more variety in sizes for my stars… so just for fun I made this “little” variation on my twinkle block.

mini twinkle

This mini twinkle star uses Quilters Cache’s free eight pointed star pattern.    I printed this pattern out at a smaller size than the pattern dictates and as I am not worried about being too accurate with the star sizes I let my printer do the re-sizing calculations.

mini twinkle pieces

When I was finished with both these blocks, I tacked them up on my wall…. now this is really just a very very rough work in progress, just so I could see how the blocks looked together and so I could work out what I needed to be doing with my patterns going forward.

WIP starry night

I have a way to go… but I think it is coming together nicely.  I have worked out that I want more variety in my stars and more variety in my sizes.

31 thoughts on “Starry Nights grow – Paper Piecing Monday

  1. These are so lovely! Part of me is envious of the way your blocks are turning out and how amazing your quilt will surely be…another part of me can’t imagine spending any more time than I already have on the quilt top and I’m glad I did something simple for the stars! So I think I will just admire yours and live vicariously through your gorgeous stars!

    • I had to double take when I saw this comment. Your quilt, which inspired this crazy starry night journey for me, is amazing and there is sooo much work in it… and I will not even mention the amount of amazing work that went into the Tardis quilt! BTWI love your simple stars, and there will be a few of those on this quilt, just as a homage.

  2. This is looking absolutely gorgeous. It’s going to be stellar! (Excuse me, I couldn’t resist the pun…) I think you’re absolutely right about varying the sizes, it makes it much more interesting.

  3. I love how you say ‘just 32 pieces’. I actually had a dream about paper piecing last night, but it was probably more like a nightmare. You do beautiful work!

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