Paper Piecing Monday… better late than never

Paper Piecing Monday was delayed a little this week by a stonking cold that took me out of action for a few days.  I am feeling a little more human today and managed to get this simple little star block made, thru the Dayquil/Lemsip haze…

small paper pieced star block

This block is 6 inches by 6 inches and was again designed in response to my search for smaller star blocks for my Starry Night Quilt.  This is a much simpler block than last week, I got a ribbing for calling last week’s block “simple” at 40 pieces.  This week’s 20 pieces is definitely simple…right!  You can find the pattern here…Starry Night WQ block 2.

block pieces

I like the 4 triangle piece pattern of this block and may fiddle some more with it to get some different kind of stars.    Next week I am going to scale up and aim to get a 10 inch block designed and made… stay tuned.



11 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Monday… better late than never

    • Jenn I love the ribbing I get about my use of the term “simple”. You are definitely not the only one who gives me schtick, and my husband is not above a comment here and there about my version of simple.

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. And you’re the only other person I’ve met who uses the word ‘stonking’! One of my favourites… The so-called simple stars are now within my capabilities, but I’m still amazed that you blithely take on blocks of a hundred pieces or more without blinking an eye. How on earth do you manage the seams? Whatever I do, mine are a bit lumpy, and quilting through them can be tricky. What’s the trick?

    • Kate I have issues with bulky seams as well, particularly with the center of the stars. I try and iron the seams as open as possible and make sure all the paper is out, but I do find that quilting thru the center can be tricky. I have broken a needle or two, particularly in the early days, but in a twist I find that quilting thru the center does help soften the bulk.

      • Thanks, I’ll keep trying. I’m mainly finding the straight edges tricky, where I have to iron the seam allowance back into the pieced block. You can have 8 layers of fabric or so, and it WILL not lie flat!

  2. I’ve added this little bit of awesome to my collection, you will be seeing it in my Christmas stars quilt! Thanks!
    And loving these little orange and blue stars, super cute!

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