My To Do list for 2014…

This week I have been thinking about New Years Resolutions a bit – my personal resolutions like “visit hospital less this year”, our family resolutions like “get our kitchen in shape” and finally my quilting resolutions.

This last resolution list is a long long long long one.  I seem to have put more thought into it than any other and the highlights include:

1.  Finish up the stack of quilts I  have started including….

Briar Rose quilt top 2

Briar Rose quilt top from October

modern scrap flying geese quilt

Lost Geese quilt top from September

free quilt pattern modern star

Star String quilt from August

1930's Star quilt... circa 2000

1930’s Star quilt… circa 2000

2. Tackle making a curved block or quilt no matter how terrified I am.

3.   Finish making the blocks for a number of quilts I started and then put aside including…

purple & grey arrow quilt block

My Jacaranda inspired blocks from April 2013

modern scrap quilt block from October

My Princess bubble gum quilt

Tula pink city sampler blocks

My Tula Pink City Sampler qult

4.  Make more charity quilts… make them simple, easy and fun.  I want to commit to delivering at least 2 a month in 2014.

5.  Finish up projects where the blocks are done but for some reason I have not put the top together…

Work in progress granny quilt blocks. Simple bright quilt block

My Granny Square quilt

Paper Piecing Monday blocks

My red & aqua star quilt

Denyse Schmidt paper pieced flowers

My Denyse Schmidt Zakka Flower quilt

6.  Design more paper piecing patterns.

7.   Improve my free motion quilting.  Practice and practice and practice.

8.  Finally make a quilt for my husband.

I am excited by the promise of what 2014 can bring… and all the quilting yet to come.  This year I am Programs Coordinator for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild which is going to be a hoot and means even more quilting in my already quilt stuffed life.  I look forward to sharing my quilting journey with you and seeing what amazing things you also create.

34 thoughts on “My To Do list for 2014…

  1. Sounds like your going to have a very busy 2014, I was exhausted looking at all your unfinished quilts. I’m also trying to finish off my UFO’s but still have family staying at different times, summer school holidays! Enjoy.

  2. I have a lovely pile of unfinished quilts that I’ve set out to finish this year too!! I like these types of resolutions a lot more than the conventional ones we all set ourselves – it’s the perfect excuse to get to sew more!

  3. Although I think your goals are quite worthy I am amazed at you did accomplish in the past year. Just how many hours do you plan on sleeping?

  4. I love your blog and your quilts. Each post I marvel at how much you accomplish and how well done they are. I’m kind of glad you have UFO’s, makes you more human! LOL! Truthfully though, I aspire to reach the level of quilting expertise you have, and have tried things I wouldn’t have without your blog. Well, enough gushing. Keep on inspiring!

    • I am so glad I am inspiring you…but I promise my quilts are far from perfect and I am definitely human. I get bored with projects often, and just set them aside. I have mis-cut fabric once or twice. I have been known to have slightly crooked seams occasionally. My quilting is needs a lot of work and I am bad at math. But I do love what I do and have a lot of fun doing it.

  5. So I already thought you were outstanding (c’mon, you know this). And *then* you have to go and post all of these yet-to-be-finished projects, and I’m immediately reminded (and humbled) by the wild degree to which your talent extends. The Portland quilting community is quite lucky to have you.

    • Okay I am blushing a little… Okay a lot. I really just do what I love and what I am interested in. None of it is to the amazing level of your spectacular work. My 2015 resolution will be to make a quilt to the level of your forest quilt – stunning blocks, thoughtful and beautiful quilting. I figure another year of practice and I should be ready to tackle it.

  6. I have only a couple quilting projects on my list for this year, but I love seeing what you have planned. It inspires me to get some of my non-quilting projects under control, so that 2015 can have more quilting in it! Thanks!

    • Thanks… I must admit I am a bit curious about what I will create this year as well. I never know when inspiration will hit and what crazy thing it will make me want to do. Stay tuned. I know it will not be boring.

  7. Loving the star string quilt and the red and aqua stars. And, don’t fear the curves — they really aren’t that bad. Good luck on getting your list done. I would have a hard time sticking to it without adding new projects in there.

    • Oh there will be new projects for sure, it is just hard to quantify them in a list as I do not know about them really till inspiration strikes. If I am honest there will probably be more new projects than finishes so my list for next year will have grown exponentially.

    • Cathy I must admit I am not sure how I want to finish this one up… I keep putting it off in the hope that inspiration will strike, but it has not yet. A little part of me wants to hand quilt it, but I know that is crazy. Let mek now if you find some inspiration or ideas for yours.

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