Christmas has invaded…

I have spent the last couple of weeks fending off the coming Christmas invasion but I finally had to surrender last week and just embrace the season.     What this means is that there has been copious amounts of Christmas cooking….

Christmas 2013

which resulted in a staggering number of Christmas cookies (aka biscuits) which we delivered around town yesterday….

Christmas wreath 2013

Operation Cookie drop 2013 was much more successful than 2012’s operation (which ended abruptly after only 3 hours).  This year we managed to deliver to 16 different households in two States –   it took us 6 1/2 hours, over a 1/3 tank of petrol (gas), 4 Christmas albums and quite a bit of caffeine.

As we staggered home at 8.30pm last night we both agreed that we needed to re-think some of the aspects of this tradition.  We both agreed that next year we need to have more Christmas themed outfits for our delivery, with my husband enthusiastically declaring “great you can quilt me an elf outfit”.

So now that I have surrendered completely to the holiday spirit I am going to take this week off to enjoy the company of my darling husband, our fabulous friends and family.  I am going to watch “Love Actually” for the third time this week, try to sleep in a little, try not to eat too much and see how long I can go without quilting something.   I will be back next Monday, sugared up and ready to go.

So until then…from our house to your house…. Merry Christmas…Happy Holidays… Happy Hanukkah…Seasons Greetings.

christmas wreaths 2013

18 thoughts on “Christmas has invaded…

  1. So, can we see the elf outfit AND an apron? I’ve made a few bickies myself, but nothing on the epic scale of your production… I’m waiting to unleash my lethal (highly inflammable) rum soaked Christmas cake on the unsuspecting rellies! Have a wonderful Christmas, don’t hold back, you’ve got the rest of the year to recover. See you soon in blogland!

  2. Sounds like quite a trip! And I bet those on the receiving end wouldn’t want you to change a thing 🙂
    By the way, what is that yummy looking cupcake type goodie in the foreground of the second picture? Looks like it’s covered in granola? Hope you had a nice Christmas. Have a safe and happy New Year too!

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