Another Starry Night wonder

After a relaxing week off I am slowly getting back into the swing of quilting again…very slowly.  For this week’s paper piecing Monday I decided to do another Carol Doak star.

modern scrap quilt block

I do love how this blocks look all fractured and broken but really beautiful at the same time.   For this star I used the Washington Star pattern from my trusty copy of  “50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars”. 

mash up starry night block 2

This block, and it’s 64 pieces was a real scrap buster.  I did not cut one piece of fabric to make this block and just used bits and pieces from my scrap bin.   This process made me realise I have way to many little bits of fabric….sorting thru my scrap bins is now on my “Things to Do in 2014” list.

20 thoughts on “Another Starry Night wonder

  1. Hi Cath, I’m new to your website and I love your colour combinations and your patchwork ideas. I’m an Aussie and just back from the beach.

  2. I clicked through to comment on how broken and beautiful this one was but YOU BEAT ME TO that description! Must be an apt one. Thanks to you I have had that Doak book on my list for a year. Maybe one of my 2014 goals ought to be to actually get it and take it for a spin?!

    • Pat I used the dots to colour code the pattern and remind myself what colour fabric goes where. This pattern was printed originally for another quilt, with a different colour way – that is why there is red dots instead of yellow.

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