Taking stock of the month

January has been a crazy month for me and the website.  The month has flown by and I feel I have achieved next to nothing on my “To Do” list… except I did get my mandatory two charity quilts done this week.

Both of my charity quilts for January are small baby quilts, but they count right?  First up is a crazy improv quilt that I had started ages ago, got bored with and then just put aside.  This week it became a loud baby quilt…

improv baby quilt

I do not know what I was thinking when I started this top, but when I found the perfect child friendly backing fabric I knew it had to be finished up and handed on. I also saw the quilt as a good opportunity to practice my free motion quilting.  I went with some weird square quilt pattern which started as one technique and ended as another.

quilting process

The quilting is far from good but the more I do the better I will get right?  Please tell me it will get better!

The other quilt I finished up this week for Project Linus is a simple pastel patchwork that used a selection of my 3 inch squares.

pastel quilt

I used both pastel scraps and tone on tone white scraps with simple piecing and  simple quilting and enough novelty prints thrown in to keep a kids interest.

pastel quilt detail

Both of these quilts were backed with whole cloth and machine bound.  I must admit expediency rather creativity was the driving force behind both these quilts.  They will go out into the world and do some good and hopefully their new owners will not look too closely at the technique but instead appreciate the thought behind them.

I wanted to finish up my last post of January with some blog news that some of you may or may not know.  I have struggled all month with how to share this news without it seeming like I am blowing my own horn.  I could not come up with a good solution so I am just going to do it….

In the first few weeks of January I had two wonderful shout outs for my quilts and quilting.  First the amazing Sew Mama Sew included me in their wonderful “31 Inspiring Quilters” Series.  I was a so thrilled to be selected and have had a wonderful time checking out the amazing talent that they have highlighted this month.  If you are looking for inspiration check out this series.

Just a few days after my Sew Mama Sew post the latest edition of “Down Under Quilts” hit the newsstands in Australia.   Somewhere in the middle of the magazine is this..

magazine articleThere in glossy print is three pages of my quilts and my words.  It is kind of surreal.   I have never been in print before, well not for my quilting anyway.

So if January is anything to go by, 2014 is going to be an infinitely better year than 2013, which to be honest is not hard..2013 kicked my butt badly.

43 thoughts on “Taking stock of the month

  1. Heading right out to the newsagent this morning to see if they have any copies left… Congratulations, and I feel it’s richly deserved. And I have to say I love the loud baby quilt, but then I’ve never understood why babies are condemned to eternal pastels…

  2. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the news. You are so humble but the world needs to know of your honors. It validates all the PRACTICE that I need to do. Love your Blog.

  3. Love the quilts Cath! You do an amazing job! You know how excited I am about the published article! You absolutely deserve it!! You know it is always easier to give than receive! You give so much so enjoy the receiving xxx

  4. I love the blue and orange baby quilt. The small pieces are placed just right and keep it from getting monotonous. And I enjoy cheering for others, but to do so have to be told there is something to cheer about, so by all means tell of awards and such. Congrats on being in print.

  5. Yeowza – a mag article!! Both baby quilts are so pleasing in such opposite ways, and I like the idea of making smaller works – more finishes that way. Congratulations on both your 2014 wins – and I agree – 2013 basically sucked all the way through. Glad to see ’14 is starting out waaaay better.

    • Dawn I am so thrilled to be in PDX too. Between the talent at PMQG, the awe inspiring fabric selection at Fabric Depot and the creative atmosphere it is perfect…. Except for the weather!

    • Too funny. At the photo-shoot for the photo of me there is some interesting images of me surround by and wrapped up in quilts which my husband refers to as my “quilt porn” shots. I am fully clothed I promise but there is something about the photos which is hilarious and quilt-tastic.

  6. Congratulations on two such awesome wins in a row! I found you via the Sew Mama Sew article, and stayed because I love your quilting, and I see these two new quilts are wonderful additions to your finished works.

    Oh, and what’s a blog for if not to toot your horn occasionally? Sharing your good news just makes the rest of us feel good for you. 🙂

  7. Congrats on all this recognition! I don’t call it horn blowing, I call it sharing! And then all these nice compliments that come as a result is the fuel needed to keep going, even through the snags and rough spots.

  8. Hi Cath! Fantastic that you and your wonderful work is shown in the magazine! I love your NEW colours burst quilt and the pastels, too! I would really like to make simple patchwork quilt with squares and whites like yours. x Teje

  9. That is simply brilliant. Of course you should blow your own trumpet! I too will have to find a copy of the mag.
    Well done, too, on finishing two lovely charity quilts in a month. I cannot believe you have set yourself such a ambitious goal.

    • I had no idea about it until a day or so before hand and was so shocked. I was also fascinated by the quilts they choose to highlight. What people respond too constantly surprises me. N

  10. Cath – your charity quilts are both delightful. Whomever receives these little treasures will be so thankful that some generous person (namely you) took the time and effort to create these treasures. I’m sure that they will be well used and much loved.

    Big Congrats on the recognition you received. It’s richly deserved! You’ve certainly inspired me to take a fresh look at what I create and motivated me to try techniques I’ve never used before. Keep up the great work and I’m sure that many more people will be inspired!

    • Thanks Kris. I love that I have creatively inspired some people and love that I have inspired some people to charity quilt. When I started this blogging adventure I thought only my family (because they are legally obliged) and a few of my friends (because I can blackmail them) would follow along. Seems I was a little wrong.

  11. clap clap clap clap clap clap Yay for Catherine! My neighbour buys that magazine so I will have to make sure she sees you and we can bask in association. She will be able to brag to her sewing group that she “knows” you as you are “my neigbour’s sister-in-law’s sister”. Talk about six degrees of separation!

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