A colour dilema…

A couple of days ago I realized that January was slowly slipping away and I had not managed to tick any projects off my 2014 To Do List.  Drastic action was needed so I pulled out my Tula Pink blocks and got to work.    I made the final couple of blocks, put them up on the design wall and stared at them for a day (very constructive use of time I hear you say).

I blame my husband for the delay, actually I blame him for a lot of things, but this was really his fault.   You see last year when I started this project he did this…

husbands design board

It made me laugh at the time but when it came time to put the top together using just pink blocks something seemed to be missing.  The layout with the Tardis was fun but it took away from the Tula Pink feel of the quilt.  I then made this…

blue Tula100

I thought a blue Tula Block would work but it just did not seem to have the same impact as a Tardis.  In the end I have chosen to go with all pink blocks.  I have added 1 1/2 inch sashing around the blocks and I am slowly sewing it together.

tula pink quilt wip

I have two more rows to go and before the top is all pieced…

tual pink quilt top

As I add each row I keep thinking “should I add the blue”.  I am constantly second guessing my decision.

tula pink quilt detail

I am loving the pink blocks together but there is something missing.  AUGH… this is driving me crazy.  What would you do?

50 thoughts on “A colour dilema…

  1. problem is the tardis is a single object and very prominent in the block….while the blue tula block is multiple pieces and not as prominent???

    I am liking what I see in the photos though….the white sashing is great and breaks it up appropriately. 🙂

  2. I know this suggestion involves a little unpicking, so feel free to throw things at me, but what if you put a few tiny scattered blue blocks in the sashing? Or unpick one or two of the blocks and add a teensy amount of blue. Not a whole block, but just a little sprinkle of unexpected.

  3. Hi! This is beautiful and not too pink for me because there is lot of white and some grey. I don’t know how you plan to quilt and bind it, but you could use for the quilting and binding dark grey, red or something something totally different for ex. orange. x Teje

      • I’m happy if I gave you ideas to think. It’s not easy to help anyone with these things as we all have different taste and different Fabrics stash. Fb just suggested to me some beige – no beige in my stash… x Teje

  4. I often find myself yearning for a pinky pretty girly fabric, soft roses, toile , floral type quilt and when I made it……meh! Sometimes samey, samey is a wee bit dull, whack it in there you know you want to. ( sorry if this advise causes more consternation)

  5. The way I see it, your husband added the tardis, sometimes we over look those special, fun moments. For me that’s a memory every time I would look at the quilt, and it would make me smile. I would happily leave it in the mix, its unique, whimsical and special, and on the back a little patch for why its there. 🙂

  6. Put the Tardis back in! There’s no rule that says it all has to be Tula pink, is there? Or at least, only one you made for yourself. It’s fun. It’s cute. It made the Husband laugh. It’s the sort of thing he’d do, too. And blue binding, to bring the whole lot together.

  7. I love Teje’s ideas. I was thinking a deep raspberry pink coloured border but as there are greys in the blocks perhaps a deeper shade of grey border would work well too? A bit of fabric auditioning is probably needed. Don’t think I would try blue but deep lilac or orange might look good too.

  8. I love the pink. If it were me, what I’d do is add a pop of strong color on the binding. How about a bright orange (print or solid)? It would work with all the different shades you have – just don’t make it too pale. Great job on the quilt!

  9. Your husband definitely poisoned the well! Someone suggested a grey border. That would be fun, but I really like the suggestion for using a blue or blue/pink print. It would jazz it up a bit…and definitely put the Tardis on the back. Good luck!

  10. I think the tardis looks cute there…but I tend to agree with you. If you were making the quilt specifically for someone that loved pink and Dr Who, then it’d be perfect. Maybe you could use a contrasting thread to add a little something? Or unexpected color of binding?

  11. I like the pink blocks – they aren’t all pink so it looks good – I do like the idea of putting the tardis on the back ! having said that I’m just about to quilt a pink spiderweb quilt with pink backing, pink thread, and using a pink binding so maybe I’m just a bit pink crazy !!

  12. I am in the process of making all of the blocks in the book. It is quite the undertaking. I LOVE your pinks and would not change a thing. I think the quilt look perfect all pink.

  13. I think you ought to save the tardis for a quilt it fits it in with. and then use blue thread for your quilting as a nod to your husband’s design input. Another subtle color (like blue thread) would add a layer of interest to an already-great top. I also like the blue/pink binding idea–it would really make it pop.
    Nice Work!

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