Colour Play Turqoise

This week I decided to play with turquoise and my all time favorite neutral, navy blue.  There was something about this colour combination and snow that just seemed to work.  First I raided my scraps and then pulled this bundle from my stash…

navy turquoise fabric bundle

I had used navy and turquoise together before, but with “radiant orchid” and some electric blues thrown into the mix.

quilt top detail

This time I wanted to keep it simple, clean, cool.   I choose an easy block called “World Without End”.  This classic quilt block dates back to the 1900’s  and I found some wonderful old examples when searching on-line, including one from the Spencer Museum of Art.  For my project I used Quilters Cache’s free paper piecing pattern which you can find here.

World block component This is another quick, fun block that packs a punch, and is perfect for scraps.  I just loved how the strong colour contrast with this pattern.

world without end quilt block

I was surprised how big my turquoise stash was and it has been great fun cutting into it for this project.  I have added this to my list of “must finish” for 2014… a list that keeps getting bigger.  I  need some sewing fairies pronto!

26 thoughts on “Colour Play Turqoise

  1. This is great I’ve a quilt idea in the back of my find (for a few months down the road) and I’m almost sure it’s going to be navy to suit the room it’ll live in but I’ve been really struggling with a good colour combo to put with the navy – thanks for the wonderful idea I adore the turquoise combo.

  2. I love your STASH, you find such great fabric there and you have a way with combinating the colours. That and the simplicity in the blocks trickmy imagination -thanksfor being such a inspiration, I WILL HAVE TO TRY som e of your blocks =0)

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