Simple, easy, quick and fun

Monday night my husband decided to abandon me for some fun and games with some of his friends.  I was a little excited to have the night to myself and decided that I wanted to try to finish a quilt top in a night. I found the perfect fabric for my plan, some 1/2 yard cuts of three prints from Michael Miller’s “Les Monsieur” I bought a couple of months ago.

fabric detail

Using this fabulous print from the collection as my focus,   I pulled supporting green and blue fabrics,  tone on tone white and some mustaches from my stash and got to work.

Les Monsieur fabric

I cut strips from my stash fabric and fussy cut the Les Monsieur fabric and hours later I had this…

simple kids quilt

It was a fun and somewhat liberating experience making this quilt.   Once I knew my colour scheme and had some of the main prints fussy cut it was an easy process of putting blocks together.  Other than trimming your blocks to size (I used my 9 1/2 inch square ruler) you do not have to worry too much about precise measuring.

Les Monsieur quilt top detail 3

The fussy cut centers are different sizes, as are the borders surrounding them.

Les Monsieur quilt top detail

I did make sure there was a good balance of blues and greens in the blocks in the top…

Les Monsieur quilt top detail 2

…as well as some dark tones to make things pop – I used a dark blue print and a nice Kona brown solid for this purpose.

Les Monsieur quilt top detail 4

I also made sure that there was plenty of white bordered blocks to help the contrast.  And voila… a quilt 45 inch square quilt top made in a night!

As it is Friday I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish It Up Friday and Forth Worth Fabric’s Fabric Frenzy Friday.

44 thoughts on “Simple, easy, quick and fun

  1. An hour, seriously? I get a lot done when my Monsieur is out of the house, but that’s beyond! Love the main fabric and the coordinating ones you pulled from your stash. Methinks I would like to see this stash… as you seem to have no shortage of interesting things in there! 🙂 Happy Friday!

    • Oh it took me longer than an hour… more like 4 to 5 hours. He was gone till midnight which gave me plenty of time to watch ice skating and quilt! I will have to do a post on my stash soon. There are a lot of fat quarters in it, so it seems more impressive than it probably is!

  2. Hey Cath, it’s wonderful! Amazing to do all that in one evening! Me thinks he was out for a long night!! It really looks great, loving all those colours together!

  3. What a great quick quilt! I love how you just put it together without the tedious measuring yet balanced out all the colors and prints so nicely that it looks totally planned. Not a bad way to spend a night:)

    • I was lucky enough to marry a guy who plays D&D twice a month. It means twice a month I get a Monday night to quilt all evening long without interruptions, if I want…and usually I want!

  4. I can see now where you’ll be encouraging him to spend time with his friends a little more regularly. Imagine how many quilts you could make! haha

    I really like the contrast and definition of the brown. Everything works so well together! Congrats! 🙂

  5. That looks amazing. I’m working on my first fussy cut quilt for a king sized blanket. Apparently I got to excited, as my blocks are 10″ squares instead of the 8.5″. I think I made my border too big.

    • Meg I have done this quilt with10 inch blocks which worked out really well, as well as 12 inch blocks which were good too. The joy of it is there is no right or wrong… If you have colour and tone variation you should be golden. Plus a King quilt is BIG you do not want your blocks to be too small.

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