Paper Piecing Monday EPP Style

It is hexagon central here at Wombat Quilts.    I have just started another hexagon quilt, this time a miniature quilt, as part of the Michael Miller “Glitz” Challenge our Modern Guild is doing.  We were given 8 fat eighths of the fabulously Art Deco looking “Glitz” fabric line…

Glitz challenge fabric bundleand I  just had to make those dots into hexagons…

Glitz challenge hexagonsI have also been slowing plugging away on my bright daisy hexagon quilt which has been a wip for over a year now…

hexagon quilt detail 4 nov 2013But the newest hexagon addition to the family is an amazing vintage hexagon top I picked up at a local thrift store for $10.

Vintage hexagon quilt top It was a revelation for me to see the hand workings on this top.  It is stitched in most places using a simple running stitch to keep the hexagons in place…

vintage hexagon sewing 2and in a couple of places there is little more stitching, mainly where the seams are a little smaller…

vintage hexagon sewingThis quilt top was found shoved in a basket with other fabrics… it has not been treated too well, I would say, recently but it has held up beautifully.  There is only one place where I will have to do a little repair.  On the other hand I have been stitching the bejebus out of my hexagons…

modern hexagon quilt sewingLots and lots and lots of little stitches because I was scared it would not hold together.  Having seen the work on my beautiful vintage hexagon, I am thinking of taking my stitch count down a little.

If you are interested in learning more about English paper piecing or want some hexagon templates check out my post from last year which has tips and links galore..

To finish off I thought I would share some photos of the amazing fabrics on my “new” vintage quilt top.  Here are some my favorites…

Vintage fabric 1Vintage fabric 3Vintage fabric 4Vintage fabric 2Vintage fabric 6

23 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Monday EPP Style

  1. YAY… another hexie addict! I was worried about my stitches too – I used itty bitty stitches on hexies then afterwards realized there is no way those are coming apart!!

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the Deco fabrics! If your hexies are an inch to a side, you don’t need to do more than about 12-14 stitches a side, with an extra at each corner to anchor, and they won’t come apart. Looks as if you’re almost doing satin stitch! Most of the stress on the stitches comes when you’re assembling the quilt because there’s pulling on the corners. Once it’s together and quilted, it won’t come apart any more. That vintage one is beautiful, but do be careful handling it because that running stitch doesn’t hold it as tight as whipstitch (and the hexies don’t fit together as neatly either…).

  3. Love those little hexie dots! And, lucky you for finding such a beautiful quilt in a thrift shop no less! Plus, your hex flowers are looking quite lovely!

  4. Just look at all those delicious hexies! I love them. Very soothing to sit and baste them. Is there an e–mail address where I can reply to your comments on my blog? You came up as ‘no reply’

  5. what a wonderful find! there are so many wonderful fabrics In that quilt. I tend to be a very tight stitcher, too, but have tried to loosen up lately. your own flowers are coming along quite well and the new hexies with the dots are too adorable! lots of great EPP to see here. =) thanks for linking up with In Hand EPP party this month!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful vintage quilt find… love those fab fabrics.
    Your blog makes me want to quilt. 🙂

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