Paper Piecing Monday for #opgivewarmth

This weekend Sarah at unveiled the colour palette for May for her charity block program #opgivewarmth.  I was immediately smitten with the possibilities…

nepal-1x1-no-hatsSo this month I will be working with this palette for all my paper piecing Monday posts…. and of course sending the blocks to Sarah so she can make some wonderful charity quilts.

To start this process I picked a few of the colours in the palette and a lovely star blocks and came up with this…

free paper pieced star blockThe pattern is another Craftsy free block… Lone Starburst by Six White Horse Patterns and at 56 pieces it is not too complex.

Lone Starburst block piecesFeel free to join the palette fun and make a 3, 6 or 12 inch block and give some warmth and comfort to a child.  This is a perfect way to help, as not everyone has the time to make a completed quilt for charity but making a block or two is an easy way to help.  More details and information on the project can be found here.


15 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Monday for #opgivewarmth

  1. Gorgeous block! I’m thinking I may try to make a block this month! She’s not exactly (the least bit) local, but warm & loved kids = a good thing, no matter where they are located! Thanks for posting about it, since I found {no hats in the house} via your blog!

    • Sarah is not local to me but it is such a good cause and I love the challenge of doing blocks to the colour palette. I love a good cause and a good challenge! I hope you get a chance to make a block.

  2. This block is absolutely gorgeous, I LOVE what you’ve done with the colour palette! I do love seeing all your perfect paper pieced stars.

  3. I’m already envisioning a series of borders to make this block the star that it is. You nailed it with this one, and I (and a few local children) will be forever grateful that you’re dedicating some of your precious talent and time to this cause. xo.

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