Okay I may have a star addiction…

Another Paper Piecing Monday and it is another star.  I may need an intervention…but not quite yet.

June opgivewarmth block 2This block, like last weeks, is using the #opgivewarmth June colour palette that Sarah at www.nohatsinhouse.com set.  It is also another great pattern from Don’t Call me Betsy’s Lucky Star BOM (this is from August 2013).

Block 2 piecesIt is pretty easy with just 48 pieces, none of which are too tricky or small.

I am now eagerly awaiting Sarah’s July colour palette, but in the meantime I have paper to rip off these….

lucky star bom

Some Lucky Stars to end the month…

This month I have been having a blast making blocks for #opgivewarmth.  Sarah at www.nohatsinthehouse.com set the most fabulous palette for May and I have been having fun raiding my scraps each week.  This week I got extra carried away.  I started with…

Lucky Star BlockThis darling star is 6 1/2 inches (for a 6 inch finished block) and the pattern comes from Don’t Call Me Betsy’s Lucky Stars BOM from last year (2013).

Block partsI loved this paper piecing BOM series but extra loved the fact you got every block in two finished sizes per pattern – a 12 inch version and 6 inch version.  I had not made the 6 inch blocks before so thought this was the perfect time to give some of them a run.

Lucky Star March blockI went with some of the easier patterns at this size.  There are some beautifully complex blocks in this series but I was not emotionally ready to tackle them at the small scale.

Lucky Star January BlockThe Lucky Star paper piecing series is running again this year and you can still get last years series as well. Elizabeth at Don’t Call Me Besty has fabulous instructions and each BOM series comes with great introduction to paper piecing instructions and test blocks.  It is worth checking out.

May opgivewarmth blocks copySo these are the last of the May blocks heading to Sarah.  I will now sit patiently and wait to see what wonderful palette she has chosen for June.  While I wait I will be dusting off my Starry Night quilt and doing a few more of these small Lucky Star blocks in blue and yellow.


Paper Piecing Monday for #opgivewarmth

This weekend Sarah at nohatsinthehouse.com unveiled the colour palette for May for her charity block program #opgivewarmth.  I was immediately smitten with the possibilities…

nepal-1x1-no-hatsSo this month I will be working with this palette for all my paper piecing Monday posts…. and of course sending the blocks to Sarah so she can make some wonderful charity quilts.

To start this process I picked a few of the colours in the palette and a lovely star blocks and came up with this…

free paper pieced star blockThe pattern is another Craftsy free block… Lone Starburst by Six White Horse Patterns and at 56 pieces it is not too complex.

Lone Starburst block piecesFeel free to join the palette fun and make a 3, 6 or 12 inch block and give some warmth and comfort to a child.  This is a perfect way to help, as not everyone has the time to make a completed quilt for charity but making a block or two is an easy way to help.  More details and information on the project can be found here.


Paper Piecing Monday #opgivewarmth

Welcome to a special Paper Piecing Monday. Recently the fabulous Sarah @ nohatsinthehouse set up a wonderful Bee like charity drive called #opgivewarmth.  The general idea is that each month Sarah will set a colour palette and each month you can send in a block or blocks to her using any of the colours on the palette.

April is the first month for this endeavor and Sarah set this palette for the challenge

ColorScooped_4I love all these colours separately and there are some fabulous colour combinations in this palette (pink, red and tan is a personal favorite).  In a moment of insanity I thought I would do some paper piecing blocks with ALL these colours included.  The result was…

free paper piecing patternThis fabulously trippy star block is a free pattern from Piece by Numbers called Indian Summer.  There are two different layouts for this pattern and you can find it at Craftsy.  This block is so weird but it is growing on me!

Sarah requested blocks in increments of 3 inches.  My trippy star is 12 x 12 inch and just for a bit of variety I made up a couple of 3 x 6 inch blocks…

flying geese blocksI was going to sew these blocks together to make 6 x 6 blocks but after making a couple of sampler quilts myself I know it is important to have some flexibility with blocks.  So I am going to send the flying geese as is, and Sarah can use them as she needs.

Paper pieced flying geese blockYou can find the pattern for this block at Quilers Cache in a variety of different sizes.  I think the next time I may choose just to use a selection of the colours… but then again I do love a challenge!

And if you are a paper piecing fan you should check out Sarah’s work…her quilts regularly make my jaw drop.