Okay I may have a star addiction…

Another Paper Piecing Monday and it is another star.  I may need an intervention…but not quite yet.

June opgivewarmth block 2This block, like last weeks, is using the #opgivewarmth June colour palette that Sarah at www.nohatsinhouse.com set.  It is also another great pattern from Don’t Call me Betsy’s Lucky Star BOM (this is from August 2013).

Block 2 piecesIt is pretty easy with just 48 pieces, none of which are too tricky or small.

I am now eagerly awaiting Sarah’s July colour palette, but in the meantime I have paper to rip off these….

lucky star bom

17 thoughts on “Okay I may have a star addiction…

    • Thanks Kate… I know I have had this addiction for a while, but every time I try and step away from the stars they just keep pulling me back in with the pretty points and there razzle dazzle.

  1. I’ve enjoyed making quite a few of your stars and have fallen in love with paper piecing. But I have a question: at what point do you remove the paper???? It seems like it would be impossible after it’s all sewn together?

    • Emmy I usually take the paper off after it is all sewn together. There is a lot of seams and give in the stars when the paper is removed so it is so much easier to sew everything together, including sashing etc and then remove the paper. It takes a new sharp needle and going slow to sew everything together and then tweezers to remove the paper but it is so much easier. If you want to remove the paper before hand I recommend lots of starch on the blocks and trimming them after you have removed the paper and ironed them. Good luck and let me know how it all goes.

      • Thank you so much for your advice.
        I wanted to make sure! Some quilters take the paper off and it seems risky to me. I’m leaving it on.

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