Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

Today is the start of the fabulous Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day.. and I decided to join in the fun by giving away a scrap pack of Heather Ross goodness.

Heather ross bundleIf you are new to my blog…welcome… feel free to have a look around.  If you are a regular you are probably aware I am an avid fan of scrap quilting, paper piecing and colour and my Heather Ross fabrics are always added as a special touch to a quilt.  This scrap pack has cuts from some of my 10 of favorite yellow Heather Ross pretties, with most of the pieces being around 9 x 11 inches.

Heather Ross scrap bundleSo how to enter… leave a comment below telling me what your favorite colour to quilt with is.  For an extra entry let me know if and how you follow my blog (Bloglovin, Feedly, Facebook etc).

This giveaway will be open until 8 pm EST (5 pm PST) on Friday, May 16.  The winner will be notified by May 18 and I will happily ship any where in the world.



787 thoughts on “Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

  1. I dream of a shades of grey quilt, it just sounds peaceful to me (not 50 shades of grey, remove mind from gutter)

  2. My favorite color to quilt with is… pink. Closely followed by aqua. I’m trying to re-orient myself to think of quilting like you do, “with color”. Btw, I’m loving your patchworking layout of photo #2.

  3. I find that I’m evolving with colour all the time, different favourites at different times. At the moment I’m into lime greens. I love the way they make a quilt pop!

  4. I love patchworking with gray – it’s so soft and soothing and looks amazing with *everything*. Thanks for the giveaway chance – these fabrics are adorable (and would look great with gray 😉 )!

  5. My favorite color is purple, but since I tend to hoard those fabrics I quilt more with red, if that makes any sense! I see some yummy economy blocks with you Heather Ross prints, and since yellow goes with purple – who knows – maybe a purple quilt in my future! Thanks for the give away!

  6. Love those fabrics, haven’t seen fabrics like that around here – I don’t think I’ve entered before – please forgive if I have.


  7. To quilt with…white is always the first and most used. I have used buckets of it! However…I love to mix it up and use some wild bright colors!

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