Paper piecing Wednesday!!!!

This week’s paper piecing adventure was delayed a few days due to the SMS Giveaway… my apologies.  But I think it was worth the wait… okay I am a little biased…what do you think?

Compass star opgivewarmthA little bit about this particular pattern… it is a free paper pieced pattern from Craftsy called Compass Flower by Quilt Art Designs.  The pattern is for a 25 cm (9 inch) compass star, has 80 pieces and is definitely not a “simple” pattern in my classification system as it has 16 paper pieced parts.

star block piecesIt is more a medium level pattern.  What made it a little more interesting is that there is no instructions on how to put the pieces together and a small hiccup with the numbering system – there is no “G” on the pattern.  Luckily it is not rocket science and goes together pretty easily (A is attached to B, C is attached to D and then you attach AB to CD etc).

As with all my paper piecing blocks this month this block is headed to Sarah for her charity quilts #opgivewarmth.  I am having so much fun with these charity blocks… who knew doing good could be so much fun!

19 thoughts on “Paper piecing Wednesday!!!!

  1. Another lovely one, great colour choices. But my eye lit on your white-on-white background fabrics – what a great selection! You’ve got three of my favourites there, and some I’ve never seen here.

  2. How cool that you are enjoying the charity block process. I have liked all the blocks you have done so far, but I LOVE this one. How much time did it take you to put it all together? 80 pieces sounds like a lot to me… 🙂

    • I was thinking last night I have to start timing myself with the blocks…between cutting the fabric and putting it together probably about 2 hours with photography breaks.

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