I am blaming the cat….

In the short time that the cat has been in our house she has become the scapegoat for a number of offenses…. she has eaten the last of the ice cream, left the light on, very rudely abandoned washing in the dryer and today she is the reason that Paper Piecing Monday is running late….

Despite the cats best efforts, I have finally managed to get a block done…

kona solidsThis lovely star uses the June colour palette for No Hats in the House charity #opgivewarmth.  I love the challenge each month of using a different set of colours that I would not usually work worth.   I bravely selected a few of the colours in this months palette that were not pink and found Kona Solids to match…

flip-flop-reading-school-paletteThe paper piecing pattern is another one from the Lucky Star BOM patterns from Elizabeth at Don’t Call Me Betsy.   This block is the December 2013 Star and I love the square feel to it.

Block piecesNow the cat and I are going back to watching the World Cup.  She is finally over the disappointment of Australia going out and is rallying around the US team.

15 thoughts on “I am blaming the cat….

  1. LOL! Gotta watch out for those felines! They leave such chaos in their wake…..

    This star is divine!

    Gotta tell you though, I’ve become obsessed with your Jaffa Quilt. I look at it every day. Spent ages this morning trying to figure out how much fabric I need to make one of my own, a big one. Think it’s going to be navy and pink……or navy and lime…….we’ll see what I come out of the quilt shops with this weekend!

    • One of the interesting things about scrap quilting is that you do not precisely measure how much fabric it takes to make a quilt… you just grab scraps, and I always get new fabrics or new scraps half way through a project which adds another level of fun. I could some math and work it out, but where is the fun in that! Once you work out what your colour scheme is talk to your quilty friends and see if you can get a strip of some of their stash or raid their scrap bin for some pieces for the small triangles and never underestimate the power of a eighth of a yard cut of the right fabrics. Good luck and let me know if you want to raid my scrap bin.

  2. I need a scapecat too… She will fail to make dinner because she got too involved in the latest project, she will leave clean dry laundry on the line for days, ditto, and she will put naughty things into the shopping basket in the supermarket (Husband’s scapecat, in that particular situation)… I do love this brave departure from Wombat norms, and look forward to seeing more! PS: I took some photos today I’m going to email later this week to provide a blast of pre-trip nostalgia….

    • Cats are a much better scapegoat than husbands… the do not argue or talk back. Ooh I love the idea of pre-trip nostalgia…it is 95 degrees today and almost feels like home. I am starting to get a little excited about it all.

  3. I cannot blame our cat. He is always sunning himself in the garden where he can do no harm. The dog, however, tends to be always underfoot and has a rather guilty expression.

    • Solids were such a departure for me but it was really fun, and so much easier to paper piece with than prints… you can just flip the fabric to make it fit. There will be more solids in my paper piecing in the future that’s for sure!

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