Look what I have finally got done…

… yes I finally got my red and aqua stars into a presentable form… a finished quilt top….I can hear the gasps of surprise from here…

paper pieced star quilt topThese stars were the product of my first Paper Piecing Monday adventures.  I loved putting them together each week, challenging myself to make some complex and amazing stars.

Star quilt detailSome of the stars were free patterns from Quilting on the Square (you can find the links to the specific patterns under my Free Paper Piecing Patterns tabs) and others were from Carol Doak’s book 50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars.

star detail 2So in the end I had 20 amazing 12 inch paper pieced stars and no real plan what to do with them.  After an online survey last year, it was decided that navy sashing did the best job of showing off each and every star to its best, so a plan was hatched. Fast forward a few months (possibly more) and after auditioning a few navy fabrics and ended up using Robert Kaufman’s Quilters Linen in navy. It was perfect the job.

star quilt top detailSo now all that is left is to remove the paper… which will be quite a task as some of these suckers are really complex…

paper to rip offThen it is off to a long armer for quilting.  At no point did I contemplate ruining this gorgeous quilt top with my quilting.  It deserves the best…plus the finished quilt is going to my Mum so I want it to be amazing.

54 thoughts on “Look what I have finally got done…

  1. Absolutely amazing! I’m plotting a red and aqua quilt these days too, though it’s not going to be anything near as complex as your incredible stars. And I don’t envy you the task of taking all that paper off. I usually multitask with that job… TV time becomes paper pulling time!

    • Lynne I did not know this colour combination would look so good. I stumbled into it but now I am hooked. I know there will be another quilt in my future with this combination.

  2. It turned out beautifully! Love the aqua and red with the navy. “Enjoy” de-papering – hopefully you’ve got some good TV or movies to keep you entertained!

  3. Fabulous! You do such beautiful work – it’s fine to wait until the inspiration is really there because the finished product is so worth it. Twenty wonderful stars!

    I don’t comment every time but I always love seeing your posts.

  4. Forgive me for not commenting before. I await your posts, curious to see what you will dazzle me with next. I saw all those stars as they were posted, wondering at the beauty and how you could possibly do it so perfectly. I wished I could do what you do, not thinking I could do it too. I bought a couple of paper piecing books, took paper piecing classes on craftsy, hoping I could someday do it. I have started doing a little, nothing really complex yet. Now you post this! You have given me a huge wall to climb, lol. This quilt is absolutely amazing, and that’s selling it short I wish I were your mother so I could look at this every day and marvel at the beauty my daughter created. I am posting this to pinterest so that I can go and look at it when I get up the nerve to try something like this.

    • I must admit when I started this quilt I did not know what it would be. It was not daunting or scary as it was a block at a time over a huge period of time. Each block I learnt something (like color coding your pattern with pencils to help keep track of things) and there was a lot of unpicking along the way. My big lesson has been the more you do, the easier it gets. So hang in there, keep paper piecing as it is worth it, I think…though I could be a little biased. And remember if you get stuck or have questions you know where to find me.

  5. Also, I’m curious about how you get the quilts back home for the show and tell. I’m running in to this problem with a trip I have planned for February. I’m thinking of posting them there, but Australian postal rates are so extortionate it’s almost cheaper to pay for excess luggage. I’d love to bring a whole bunch of them back with me, but haven’t quite worked out the logistics for the ones I’m not giving away. I’d appreciate your advice if you’ve got the time. I don’t think there’s a possibility of cramming more than one in to my suitcase. Thanks!

    • I am heading back from the US (luggage allowance us generous) so have planned to take an extra bag with me. I will be space bagging the quilts to get them down in size and crossing my fingers. I have not done this before so I hope it works. We are going back to Oz in summer which also means less cloths to pack.

      • I actually haven’t done the direct flight in such a long time and I’d forgotten that you do get a huge baggage allowance between Australia and the US. We’re going in February, so yes, smaller clothes to pack, but an annoying massive coat to do something with at some point. I’d be happy to share experiences with you when this is all done. I’m hoping mine will be up on the blog in early March.

      • I will check for your report, thanks. I always just carry my coat. I learnt when I was 19 and headed to the UK alone for the first time I could fit all sorts of things in the pockets of my coat…if desperate heavier objects still find their way into the coat to this day!

      • I’ve just heard some horror stories of people arriving with coats in summer receiving terrible treatment when they come through customs/quarantine. I suppose the people who work there don’t realize that you need the coat to get to and from your home airport.

  6. So now all that is left is to remove the paper … and to vacuum up all the pesky bits of paper that will appear to be EVERYWHERE!
    It looks fabulous, so the pain of paper removal will be worth it. Hang in there!

  7. What a stunning quilt!! I started paper-piecing last year and love it…..I hope to make a whole quilt with pp blocks soon. Love your work!

  8. Wow, this is AMAZING so lovely to see it finished!! I love the choice of quilter’s linen it’s a favourite of mine. Looking forward to seeing it after quilting, your mum is going to treasure it 🙂

  9. WELL, It IS AMAZING without ANY quilting. What an accomplishment. You’re the star for sure! You Mum will be so happy. I recently made a quilt for my daughter. She has given quilts to all her friends and relatives and she told me that this is the first time anyone has made a quilt just for her. The love, time and patience stitched into your quilt will be a wonderful quilt for your Mom and it was a gift to us who follow along after you! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I have been following the progress of your paper pieced stars and have loved each and every one. Your Mum is so fortunate to have such a talented and generous daughter. She will have organise tours of her bedroom to show off her quilt.

  11. Your blocks SING. Great use of value!! Nice colors beautiful blocks. Did you study color/contrast somewhere or from someone? I’d love to achieve this each time I create!

    • Lois I studied a little art at college and then spent many years working with artists in animation. I think something rubbed off in those years of working so closely with people who had amazing colour instinct. I also love to play with colour and love pulling bundles of fabric out of my stash and seeing what works.

  12. I have serious quilt envy here. Red and aqua are my favourite colours together, I LOVE THIS. I would love to see an update when quilt is quilted… is it terrible to single white female you and copy shamelessly?? Thank you for sharing!

    • Copy away. Most of the patterns are under my “free paper piecing tab” and most of the rest are in Carol Doaks fabulous book. I am preping this quilt for the long armers today so there will be an update soon.

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