I am sorry about the lack of posting last week, and possibly this week. My computer has given up the ghost which makes writing a blog with pretty pictures very hard (I can only seem to access Instagram photos on my ipad). I am hoping to have a working solution by Wednesday, so please bare with me.



Ps. I am of course blaming the cat.


11 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. Miss Puss has a haunted look already… clearly she’s bearing the blame for all kinds of badness! Love that orange binding that’s waiting to be sewn down. Could you take the photos with the iPad and use them straight out of iPhoto? It means not much editing, but you would have pictures. Or have you already tried that option?

  2. Yup, that cat definitely looks guilty . . . NOT!! How can anyone blame that cute little thing, and I’m not even a cat person. Hope you’re up and running soon and that the solution isn’t costly.

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