We are up and running again…sort of

This week I have been trying to sort out what is going on with my laptop.  I have a work around while my computer expert (i.e. the husband) works out what the cat has actually done!  In between the computer dramas I have been playing with some wonderful fabric from Monaluna’s Haven range.  The PMQG is doing a fun fabric challenge with this pretty line….

monaluna-garden-709x220I decided to make some modern 12 inch blocks and just went for it… I used a couple of blocks from “Modern Blocks” including Louise Papa’s Everything Equal block…

Monaluna block 3and Faith Jone’s Boxed In block…

Monaluna block 2and Yvonne Malone’s Seeing Double block..

Monaluna block 1I also did a little improv triangle play…

Monaluna block 5and finally I did a block that used a block from Tula Pink’s City Sampler book.

Monaluna block 4

9 thoughts on “We are up and running again…sort of

  1. Good to see the cat hasn’t tried anything with your piecing skills! That’s a great range, and fun that you could find toning solids – it really makes the difference.

  2. Sorry you are having computer issues. I’m not very techy, but I would feel like I’ve lost an arm if my computer blew, I’ll just be honest! The fabrics are lovely. Love the colors.

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