The PMQG Orphan sampler

At this week’s PMQG meeting we delivered a large stack of quilts to a local Charity, Camp Erin.  It was so wonderful to see the beautiful quilts that people had created for this charity.  Among those delivered were three quilts made at our Charity Sew Days and the Orphan block sampler I put together….

Orphan Block quiltThe blocks in this quilt are fabulously diverse and really kind of fun…

quilting detail

Some of the blocks I trimmed, some I added borders too and others I cut in half…

PMQG Orphan quilt detail

There are hexagons, scrappy trips, churn dashes, nine patches and modern improv blocks.  We have it all…

quilt detail 2

For the backing I found a wonderfully bright and slightly obnoxious Kaffe Fassett orange floral print that was just perfect…

backing detailThe beautiful quilting was done by PMQG member Kazumi Peterson.  Kazumi added an overall floral motif which went perfectly with the back of the quilt and added such a pretty cohesiveness to the front of the quilt.

quilting detail 2I then finished things off with bright orange binding.  I knew that I had to highlight the orange of the quilt – the blocks and the backing.   I had originally tried putting an orange border around the quilt, instead of the grey, but I found it fought with the blocks for attention.  Orange binding was the perfect compromise.

binding detailMy darling husband had originally called this an ugly quilt but I think he is very wrong.  The finished product is fun and bright and pretty…but I am a little biased.

20 thoughts on “The PMQG Orphan sampler

  1. It’s a fabulous quilt, full of colour and character. This is where we Australians tell our darling Husbands to ‘rack off’ if they make comments like that! I like the way you’ve used green and orange to pull things together, but I’m glad the Kaffe Fassett backing is on the back, that really is quite eye-searing!

  2. I love what you did! I cleaned out my ideas bin. I see my first improv curves block, portland peel test blocks, my 9 patches from the 9patch along I abandoned, HR dogs (partial seams) and that blocks that you cut in pieces I think I made in Denyse Schmidt Workshop. you are a miracle worker. Its amazing and the quilting really ties it together. genius! Best part for me is that its a project that has Victoria’s blocks and I really just love her, so I feel like we’re together in a quilt. yay.

    • Thank you so much for donating the blocks. It was a fun challenge trying to make this work and the diversity of the blocks really makes the quilt I think. I had no idea where they all came from so it was nice to have people claim them.

  3. It IS fun and bright and pretty, and the orange binding is what makes it. Just glad the Kaffe print is on the back LOL!

  4. I love this. The gray border and orange binding were perfect choices to pull everything together. Also, that awesome, bright and slightly obnoxious Kaffe print works wonderfully here. I love it when a print like that finds the perfect home.

  5. Awesome. I imagine it is quite difficult to pull together a group of orphan blocks and have them play this nicely together.

  6. Ugly?! I love how husbands just know what to say after you spend a ton of time on a project – I guess they are supportive in their own way! I love the Kaffe fabric on the back it does such an awesome job of tying the front together – and there really is a lot of different stuff to tie together – great job! (Btw thanks for the kind comment on my recent finish – I replied on my post since you are a no-reply commenter)

  7. Your husband talk like my special one… If my one is ” Not amused” about one of my quilts, heute seid ” wonderfull craft, but….. ugly!!”
    The are able to enjoy their life nearly the northpole… :-))
    I love your quilts, lockig for your block nearly auch year, and enjoy it Every time.:-) Kisses from Germany. Anke

  8. I think I remember your husband accusing the last orphan-block quilt of ugliness too! I think it has character.
    I am strangely drawn to the lairy, garish print on the back.

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