Mixed Medium paper piecing Monday

Today’s paper piecing pattern is a little bit different from my usual fair, as it is a lovely mix of traditional piecing and paper piecing, not that you can tell from the results….

scrappy quilt block

The pattern I used is Lee at Freshly Pieced’s Arkansas Traveler block.  Lee’s instructions are easy to follow and I loved making a block that had a little bit of traditional piecing


as well as some good old-fashioned paper piecing….

block piecesThis is the block I am setting for August for my Do Good Stitches group.  I can not wait to see how everyone in the Hope Circle interprets this block….


10 thoughts on “Mixed Medium paper piecing Monday

  1. I really love this block and the colors/fabrics you used — I can’t help staring at it — first it’s a butterfly, then it’s abstract art. Very wonderful! (Now, I must go back to work and stop staring!)

  2. Ooh I love it, Cath! I found a cool paper piecing block the other day, when I remember where it was I want to ask you if you’ve made it up before. I’m scared to ask my do.Good stitches group to paper piece lol!

  3. I love the finished look of this block, but it is one I would be nervous about trying. I have never figured out how to get the traditionally pieced bits to sit exactly where I want them to as I assemble the other bits around them. Is there a trick or a knack to this?

    • Carla I ended up folding the pieced bit along the seam and aligning the center…with other blocks I just hold it up to the light and align that way. I was also using a little bit of glue stick to keep the piece in place. Worked well.

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