Paper Piecing Monday the crazy edition…

Summer has well and truly arrived in Portland and I have been making the most of the sunshine… and not posting as much as I usually do.  Sorry about that.

This of course does not mean I have not been quilting… I have still been sewing away, just a little more sporadically than usual.  For the last week or so the only thing that has been up on my design wall has been my Starry Night quilt.

design wall

As you can see the jigsaw is slowly coming together.  I have finished with the star blocks and I am now just making sky.  Random weird bits of sky.

starry night wip


This week I went through my EQ7 quilting program and found a pile of paper pieced patterns and printed them out (my sky pieces are currently all 6 inch square or 3 x 6 inches).  With EQ I have been able to find a pattern I think is interesting and print it out at both sizes.

tree block sky

Now as stand alone blocks they look a little weird but once you add them to the quilt they just blend into the background in weird and wonderful ways….

star wip 2No matter how hard I tried to hide it you have probably realised by now that I did not have a grand plan when I started making these blocks, and that I am really making it up as I go along.  The blocks are not being placed in any sort of grid and I am just going with the flow, piecing bits and pieces together and seeing what works.

star wipIt is a crazy way to work…but really fun.  If you are interested in exploring the individual star blocks I have used,  you can find links to them under the “Paper Piecing Monday” tab and/or under the “Free Paper Piecing Patterns” tab.

6 inch star sky



32 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Monday the crazy edition…

  1. Hurray, the stars are out again! I do love that your crazy non-plan is making lots of dark blue sky so the stars aren’t all crowded together. You do realise that the randomness of the blue blocks makes your paper piecing look even more impressive, because people will go “how on earth did she put that together…?”.

      • On tenterhooks, waiting for a response to our offer. It’s a bit on the low side for what they’re asking, but it’s what we can afford. On the other side of the coin, the house has been on the market for half a year and has already had two price reductions. We’re told it’s a buyer’s market…

  2. I love the ‘craziness’ of the sky. The blue going every which way makes me think of a windy night. Great job; I can’t wait to see it all put together!

  3. It’s wonderful. If you saw the moon tonight, you’d want to put that in the quilt, too. I guess it’s the closest to the earth that the moon has been or will be for quite some time.

  4. This is amazing. I really love where you are taking this quilt! I think your process is great too. Thank you for sharing your work with us!

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