Finishing the catch ups…

To finish up my catch up posts I have the last quilt I made to take to Australia. The finish was so last minute (binding the day before we flew out!!!)  I did not get a chance to post about this quilt before I left…

granny square quiltThis granny square quilt has been a pile of blocks for nearly two years but finally became a quilt for my darling friend Vicki.    The day before we left I managed to get it bound and washed ready for the quilt suitcase…

granny square quilt detailThere is something wonderfully vintage feeling about this quilt.  I think the post wash crinkle helps…

quilt detailThere are not a lot of photos of this top because (1) I did not finish it in time to do a proper photo shoot and (2) the wind was blowing a gale making photos hard…

wind issuesI did manage to get the husband to help and it is his fingers and feet you can see sticking out from under this quilt.  He did remind me to take a photo of the back of the quilt too… probably because the back was his idea…

quilt backThe conversation went Nick: “it would be cool to do just one big block for the back” Me: “why not”.  And now I will now tell you why not…. the big block was all bias and stretch and a right royal pain the butt.  I now listen to my husbands quilting advice, say “thanks dear” and promptly ignore it…it is easier that way!

rainbow bindingThe quilt was finished off with some Kona solid scrappy binding and delivered to its owner a couple of weeks ago… on a 95 degree day which was a little weird seeing it had been finished off a week earlier on a 38 degree day!

24 thoughts on “Finishing the catch ups…

  1. This quilt is so lovely. It makes me want to do a granny quilt myself. The back looks great, even if it was a pain to do. Funny, I assumed you were an Aussie coz of the name of your blog. Great name – I love wombats. 🙂

    • As the name implies, I am definitely an Aussie but I have not lived in Australia for many many years. I also love wombats…they are so cute as babies and as my husband likes to point out, on of the few Australian fauna that will not try and kill you!

  2. Looks wonderful! The photography is always a pain in my part of New England. I think we’ve had one shoot where there no problems with weather.

    How’s the trip going? I’m stressing out a bit about getting everything done for my trip home. I think I’ll be finish a lot of binding on the plane.

      • That’s an interesting point I hadn’t thought of. I’ve just seen so many pics of people doing it on the way on shows. I suppose it depends on whether you tend to wash quilts before you give them away or not. Some I do, but most I don’t, simply because I always think it’s an experience for the owner to see how it changes when it’s washed.

  3. I have to say, I think his idea for the back was great, even if the execution was a pain in the rear. I like the idea of it flapping in a cold breeze in Portland, and then flapping in a hot breeze in Brisbane! Pretty darn hot round here just now, knocking on 95F….

  4. This is so beautiful! I love the granny pattern even haven’t done it yet. You have placed the colours beautifully and the backing is Super! I wish you wonderful Christmas time! x Teje

  5. It is a beautiful quilt and, yes, I agree with everyone else that the back is really wonderful, too. Which leads me to say than you for saying how hard it was to do because of the bias issues. If you hadn’t, I might have tried something similar! I think I’ll just learn from your pain and give it a miss now, though 🙂 hope you have a wonderful visit!

  6. The back may have been a pain, but it is really striking! I love the way you finished the whole thing with grid quilting, too. It looks fresh and modern, even with the traditional granny blocks!

  7. Wow! This is gorgeous and I’m afraid I agee with all the other comments hubby did have a good idea for the back it finishes your quilt beautifuly I shou imagine your friend was absolutely delighted with it have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Quilty hugs xxxx

  8. Sorry Cath, but I am the newest member in the Group ” Caths hubbys idea for quilt backs”… I like it. And love the front as well. There might be a granny for me in 2015-2016…. Merry Christmas

  9. I love the giant block on the back. It is a shame it was such a pain. Would cutting the white bits with the grain in the right direction help or did you already do that? If the edges of the block are not stretchy …

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