Resuming the regular Paper Piecing Monday schedule…

After a crazy few months Paper Piecing Monday is back on track. To help myself slowly get back on track I made a green version of one of my Starry Night blocks.

Starrry Night block 1

A twenty-four piece cute little thing.  The free paper piecing pattern can be found here… Starry Night WQ block 2 and if you want to see my original version you can find it here.block pieces


This block uses four triangle pieces to make the completed 8 inch block. Last time I posted this pattern I had a couple of questions about how I put the block together… It is an easy process of sewing two of the triangle together along one side so you get a joined piece…

putting it togetherI then do the same thing with the other two pieces of the blocks…and then sew the two halves together.  I find this makes aligning the center piece very easy.

Paper piecing Monday will be back next week with some newly designed blocks….

17 thoughts on “Resuming the regular Paper Piecing Monday schedule…

  1. Gorgeous, just as nice in this colour scheme. I will look, and marvel, and admire, but I think I’ll stick to hexies for now! Maybe when this latest quilt is done – you don’t want me to start yet another UFO, do you…?

      • And I expect he gives you the same sort of look as the Husband gives me when I make excuses for starting something new and exciting instead of finishing the job in hand! But I have a lot of UFOing to catch up on, having been a strictly one-at-a-time girl for years!

      • Oh I ‘ll stick with the hexies aswell. And was just admiring the look you get from the green/White/grey Cath. but NO MORE UFO’s, there is a overload in the UFObox….

  2. Great block and great colours. I used a few blocks from your site to get up to speed paper piecing. Now I´ve embarked on a large quilt, Dear Jane, mostly done with foundation piecing templates. What software do you use to design your blocks, Electric Quilt?

      • Thanks for that. I don’t have EQ7 but I’ve been thinking about buying it.

        The original Dear Jane book only has a diagram of the blocks and I don’t have the skill to go from there to a block, not with such complex blocks. But Susan Gatewood did them all in EQ7 a while ago and couldn’t get them published as a book so she’s giving them away for free. So generous of her. You can download them from her website

  3. Hi, I’m a new reader! I love this block with all the greens. It inspired me to find your post in your tutorials on how to paper piece found in The Quilter’s Magazine. I think I might be able to do that! I’ll be practicing! Magistra13 at yahoo dot com
    Thanks, Beth

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