Revisiting Starry Night

Last week’s paper piecing blocks, along with some of your comments, reminded me that I needed to finish my Starry Night quilt top up.  So this week I am determined to make some good headway on it…. starting with a couple of new 6 inch blocks…

Lucky Star pinwheel blockThis little star is another of Don’t Call Me Betsy’s “Lucky Star” blocks from last years BOM series.  It was fun using my teeny tiny bits of scraps to make this pretty.

Lucky Star block piecesI did make a small adjustment because of the size of the block, and used a larger scrap for the final blue sky piece, opting not to do a little piece in the corner.  I also realised making these blocks that I needed to use smaller scale prints to get that scrappy contrast.

mini starWith my second star I managed to squeak some Pearl Bracelets in, but I had to position the scrap just right so the dots showed up.  This block is a 6 inch star that I found on my EQ7 program – it has some neat paper pieced blocks.  Julie at 627 Handworks’ Global Concept block is very similar to my tiny block, but bigger.  You can find her free paper piecing pattern here.

I think one or two more blocks and I will be ready to start putting this top together.  I am going to work this week at how I want to handle the negative space, playing with some scrappy navy/blue blocks as filler.   I will share the results next week.


15 thoughts on “Revisiting Starry Night

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a long while and watching all your paper pieced blocks. I’ve always thought they were wonderful. Now that I’m making my own attempts at paper piecing, I am in awe! I’m just doing a 5 pointed star, with all of 9 pieces and it makes my brain hurt, I can’t imagine doing the tiny detailed ones that you do!

  2. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful paper pieced patterns! I am pretty new to quilting and paper piecing and it’s inspiring to see what it can do! I was recently working on paper piecing, and the blocks I was making were really bulky at the seams. I was having to mash the points really hard with the iron and they still ended up kind of nipply. Do you have any advice for that situation? I considered trimming the seams, but they were shredding a bit after mashing them so much.

    • Some paper piecing patterns have bulky bits because so many parts of the pattern meet in the same spot. I iron those seams open, with starch but still they can still be a fat wad of fabric. I find that quilting through those bulky buts help soften them, as does wash and wear.

    • Renee.. I hope you realised you were the Renee in the special thanks. I really appreciated all your comments and support particularly in those strange months last year.

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