The beauty of the Altantic Sea

This week I have been working hard to get my Atlantic Sea Quilt top done.  This quilt started life many months ago as this block…

grey white blockAfter making of few of these blocks I put them together to see what the pattern would look like and found that there was a beautiful meta pattern (as the hubby would say) which was giving the quilt a real sense of movement.

grey white quilt wipThe pattern I am using is a free paper piecing pattern from Quilters Cache.  You can find a link to the pattern under my “free paper piecing pattern” tab or on the original post.

Fast forward a month or four and I have made lots and lots of blocks.  This week I pinned what I had made up on the design wall and Instragramed the results.

modern scrap quiltI liked how it was coming together but I thought it needed a little something.  I could go with a coloured binding but I did not think that it would be enough… so this week I whipped up this block.

paper pieced quilt blockAnd then added it to the quilt work in progress….

Atlantic Sea wipAll of a sudden the quilt came alive.  I love this little splash… I think it helps the eye identify  the  pattern easier and makes the top sing…

quilt top detail 2Now I just have to sew the last couple of rows together, remove all the paper from the back and the top will be done.  I am so excited by this piece of scrap magic. I had a blast raiding my scrap bin for this baby!

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42 thoughts on “The beauty of the Altantic Sea

    • I must admit I have swum in the the Atlantic but it was really really cold and I think of that icy blue as perfect for my British Atlantic experience. A summer swim in warmer waters sounds perfect though.

  1. Yup, that’s the slow heave of the cold grey Atlantic off the north Cornish coast, with a brilliant splash of blue when the sun came out for the traditional English 5 minute summer… Lovely sense of rolling movement! But I cannot believe you leave all the paper in till the end! That would drive me nuts, I’d have to pick it out as I went along…

      • You are fortunate. The Husband of Chiconia and I are both complete klutzes and if an object can be dropped and smashed it will be, and if a hole can be poked accidentally in fabric it will be. So I prefer to keep the responsibility for potential quilt damage to myself!

      • Oh don’t get me wrong weird and wonderful things break, fall, collapse, disintegrate etc around the hubby but with careful supervision he is quite handy at removing the paper bits. I do usually have to go in with tweezers afterwards to get all the small bits but he enthusiastically tackles the big ripping jobs!

  2. The grays look sensational and do remind one of a stormy sea; but when you added the teal block…you are so right it came alive. Almost as if a ray of sunlight appeared in the stormy seas. Love this quilt!

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