Paper Piecing Monday…

Another Monday another paper piecing pattern… I am eventually going to run out of ideas I am sure, but until then I give you…

modern scrap star quilt blockThe Sunny Star, another 8 inch block.  This is a cute one and was pretty easy to put together (no really strange angles) and takes just 40 pieces of fabric.

quilt block partsYou can find free paper piecing pattern, in PDF form, here…Sunny star pattern.


12 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Monday…

    • The block can be enlarged using a photocopier, you just need to work out the percentage to enlarge the pattern to get the size you need…25% to get it to 10 inches and 50% to get it to 12 inches. When I photocopy at the copy store I take a ruler and make sure the print out is the right size. Hope that helps.

  1. I’ve collected most of your PP tutorials – one day soon I will be having a go at making them and this is a good one to start me off on – thanks 🙂

  2. I’ve captured your stars and, like many another, will one day make a quilt from them. Love love your stars. Thank you so much for sharing. And thanks too for all the charity work you do…..making the world a better place, starting with “weird” Portland.

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