The Row by Row experience

I have only recently become aware of a program that is run over summer here in the USA called the Row by Row Experience.  From June 21st thru to September 8th over two thousand quilt shops around the USA and Canada give away a free pattern, based on a theme.  All you have to do is visit the store to get the pattern.

This years theme was H2O (water) and I was excited to work with my local quilt store, Modern Domestic, to design their Row by Row experience….Glass Half Full.

table runnerThe remit was to design a block that was 8 inches high by 36 inches wide.  I worked with Michelle Freedman to design a paper piecing block based on the idea of a glass of water.

block layoutsMy original block was 6 different paper piecing patterns for the water (you can see the my original test run above).  Michelle then streamlined the idea into just one pattern sheet, which still gives you variety in the water but is easier to distribute.

MD patternYou can pick up this pattern for free from Modern Domestic over the next couple of months.  Most of the stores also have kits available for their blocks, which is helpful if your stash is somewhat lacking in blues!  I turned my row into a table runner by simply adding a border strip…

glass half full blocksIf you are not able to make it to make it to Portland you can check out the Row by Row website to see if your local quilt store is participating… I know there are quite a few stores that have paper pieced their row… including Fabric Depot whose very cool paper pieced block I will definitely be hunting down.

quilting detailAnd if you are outside the USA, don’t fret, at the end of the September many of the stores will make their patterns available digitally.  I will let you know when Modern Domestic’s pattern becomes available.

22 thoughts on “The Row by Row experience

  1. Yes, I discovered the Row by Row Experience last year and had fun collecting both the rows and license plates. I look forward to picking up more in my travels this year as I believe there are over 2,500 quilt shops in the US and Canada that are participating. I will have to wait until September to pick up others, like yours that I know I will not be able to visit. Beautiful block!

  2. Sometimes I just wished I lived on the other side of the pond 😉 Im probably going to sound super weird but I see a glass but I also see as if someone is standing looking out from a mountain ledge across to the sea, a really neat pattern with some neat possibilities thrown in 🙂

  3. Tried to get the pattern and couldn’t – would love to make one of my own as i live near Lake Michigan and it would be cool to make

  4. Last year, not a single shop in New Mexico participated in the row-by-row experience and I had to watch from the sidelines. A few have jumped in this year. I love your design–it looks both like a a row of water glasses and a coastline landscape quilt. Great work!

  5. This is such a gorgeous and cool block! I love it! I was asked to help design a local shop’s Row by Row and politely declined due to the impending birth of baby Finn (who ended up waiting a good 2 weeks past his due date to arrive–so I probably COULD have helped design something–but anyway). Seeing all of the varied, awesome water themed rows, I’m newly inspired to help create something unique and awesome for next year! I really like this one, and definitely look forward to when it’s available digitally!

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  7. What a great idea to use up the peculiar shape of 8 by 36.
    Good to see an idea that support local shops too. I checked out the website to peek at some of the other designs, but I couldn’t see any. That is a shame. If I were local, I would love to know what was worth driving hours away to a not-quite-local shop. Oh well. I cannot imagine how any other could beat this!

  8. Only just discovered the Row by Row myself; thoroughly enjoying it! Wasn’t aware the patterns would be made digital after the end of the experience, that’s exciting! Thanks for sharing.

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