A personal project done….

I recently finished up my Grey Card quilt for the Black to White quilt challenge…

finished grey card quiltI was so thrilled with how this quilt turned out, but I was aware that it was very personal to me and may not be everyone’s taste.  I entered the quilt anyway in the BTW Challenge and this morning got the email that it was not chosen for the exhibit.

quilting detailThere were some amazing quilts made for this challenge…check out the hashtag #btwqks to see some of the other quilts made.

Splash of pink Instead of hanging the quilt in an exhibit it now has pride of place in our living/lounge room…

quilt hanging

My quilt is where it should be… and I must admit I smile every time I look at it… it reminds me of what was and what now is.

13 thoughts on “A personal project done….

  1. I don’t know the details of the challenge but I really like your quilt. I’d love to be able to hang it so I could see it often!

  2. Then sings your soul…It is truly a wonderful talent to be able to draw with fabric those feelings that make you the woman you have grown to be. So glad you love looking at it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think every piece made for a challenge/show needs to have several identities: one the meets the challenge/show criteria, one that searches other possible shows (NW Expo, perchance?), one thad directs it to its future owner (which can be the maker or others), but most important one that meets the makers’ pleasure. It sounds like you have kept those in balance.

    I think your design stands alone as design even without understanding the grey card reference. Looks great on your wall.

  4. Aww. I love your quilt and it looks so perfect in your home. Mine didn’t get accepted either, yet it’s one of my very favorites I’ve made. I’m looking around where to hang mine at home too. 😉

    • Debbie I wS surprised your did not get in. I loved it and loved the use of the black & white stripe fabric. You got me thinking about how I desperately want to use some stripes in my next quilt.

  5. Well I think is as good as any of the others. I have always wanted to a black aand grey one now I might after helping my 11year old granddaughter to start her fisrt quilt in the holidays

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