Mini Kaleidoscope Quilt

Last week I looked at the bag of Lizzy House fabric scraps I had gathered in the last couple of months and I decided I needed to do something with them… a couple of hours later and I had made this little beauty…

Kaleidoscope mini quiltMost of the scraps I was playing with were tiny little bits and so I designed a little, fat kaleidoscope block to make this quilt.   A tiny paper pieced block allowed me to get accuracy with my piecing while being able to do some fun fussy cutting…

fussy cut 2Each block is made up of four (4) pieces which were 1 1/2 inch square.. the finished block is 3 inches small.  This was such a fun quilt to make, and I used a lot of my little white on white scraps as well as my precious Lizzy House bits.

back of mini quiltIf you are interested in making your own kaleidoscope mini quilt you can find the free paper piecing pattern here….WQ mini Kaleidoscope block. 

I have signed up for one more mini quilt swap, so I warn you there will be some more paper pieced little quilts shortly.

28 thoughts on “Mini Kaleidoscope Quilt

  1. Beautiful, but a 1.5″ block is just too small for me – well done to you for getting all that done in 2 hours 🙂

  2. Very, very satisfying to look at – and an impressive work – tiny is so delightful!!
    Still love your blog!


  3. Hej, That’s such a cute pattern. I think this would be perfect for the next pillow swap. Thanks for the idea and the pattern.
    Greetings from Germany, Rike

  4. You sure make a small amount of fabric accomplish great things. When first seeing the top, you really don’t realize how tiny it actually is. I love those fussy cut pieces.

  5. Really pretty little quilt. When you paper piece, do you always make the seams larger and press them open? When do you remove the paper? Thanks!

    • Marti I always iron the seams open and use a standard 1/4inch seam. I only remove the paper when all the blocks are sewn together. There is too much wiggle and stretch otherwise.

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