Special Spinning block

After two weeks of teaching quilting to kids, I am back to posting…starting with a special quilt block.  Last week my Do.Good.Stitches bee was set the challenge for this month to make some red/white/blue spinning blocks.

special spin blockSo I designed this block with the challenge in mind…and over the next couple of weeks I will share the pattern for the blocks I have made for this challenge.

sewing sectionsThe structure for this pattern was a little different from how I usually do my stars and the pattern needs to be sewn in sections.  I must admit I did have to do some unpicking because I sewed one set of my pieces together back to front.

If you are interested in making your own block you can find the free paper piecing pattern here….Special Spin quilt block


7 thoughts on “Special Spinning block

  1. Lovely block. I’ve just noticed the new look to your blog (it could have been like that ages, but still), it looks great too.

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