Round and Round….

It has been a busy, crazy couple of weeks for me…which can all be summed up by the fact that all the photos I have taken of my quilts and things I have been doing were on a SD card which got corrupted.  I had photos of my quilt at Sisters Outdoor quilt show…photos of my works in progress and photos of the Kids quilt class I taught last week.  All gone.

After lots of tears and maybe a tantrum or two I dusted myself off and decided to let it go… so instead of sharing my recent adventures I am going to share one of my most recent quilt finish…

PMQG Medallion quilt

This week I finally finished my Portland Modern Quilt Guild medallion quilt.  Now to t be honest with you I did not do all the borders that I was meant too… partly because I wanted this quilt to be baby size and partly because I got bored with the pastel colour scheme!

Medallion detail 2

If you are interested in the pattern and process you can check out my earlier post about the quilt…which includes links to the free patterns we used.

novelty prints

To finish off my quilt I decided to do my first lot of circular quilting… using the walking foot on my new Bernina 550.   I thought that circular quilting would be perfect with this quilt so I started in the center of the quilt and worked my way out.

circular quilting issues

Now if I am honest with you the center quilting was a little tricky.  I took the above photo so you could see just how wonky I was at the start… I did end up unpicking quite a few of my stitches as they were so off kilter and I went back into the center using free motioning quilting (no walking foot) to get the center right.

cronder block

Once I got past the tricky center it was really fun to just keep going round and round and round and round…. it was easy to move my small baby quilt to get a nice rhythm going.  I know there is going to be more circular quilting in my future… I love how the quilt looks and feels with this type of quilting…


To finish it all off I used a selection of Kona pastel solid scraps to make the binding and hand bound the quilt…. and I was done.  As I was putting the last stitches on the binding the wonderful postman dropped off this for me…

Modern Medallion book

I kid you not, I took delivery of this book just moments after finishing my Medallion and I am now inspired to make another one…. this time not in pastel and this time maybe a little more modern.

Quilt Details:

Pattern:  PMQG Medallion QAL
Fabric:  Pastel and low volume scraps
Finished Size:  40 x 40 inches

20 thoughts on “Round and Round….

  1. Technology is marvellous until it isn’t. My sympathies about the SD card. And that is a smashing quilt, and the circular quilting looked fine until you pointed out the middle!

  2. I know how you feel — my camera was stolen once, full of photos. Another time I was working on a video presentation I’d been hired to do and with just one click, hours of video were deleted. It’s terribly disappointing! But on the other hand, your quilt is so pretty, and I love the quilting. It adds a whole new look to it.

  3. Oh I love the circular quilting, it really suits the quilt and it must be rather meditative just going around and around!

  4. Don’t give up on those photos! I managed to recover hundreds of deleted pictures on a corrupted card once using a free programme I found online. I don’t remember what it was but it’s worth a search. You have nothing to lose! The quilt is adorable and I definitely want to try that circular quilting sometime!

  5. My condolences on the SD card. Your quilt is lovely. I’m not a big fan of medallions OR pastels but this looks exceptional. I’ve done circular quilting a few times … each time swearing I’ll never do it again. lol But even a ‘not so great’ effort always looks great so I supposed that’s why I keep returning to it. I’ve yet to work up the nerve to try using FMQ for the center although I know in my heart that is the answer. I look forward to seeing your next version.

  6. You did a wonderful job with the pastels, and it is such a sweet baby quilt! That workbook looks really neat, I will have to check it out. Sorry to hear of the corrupted SD card! Losing so many pictures is devastating!

  7. Sorry you lost all your photos. Maybe you have a friend who also took some on the same day? Love your little quilt and the circular quilting 🙂

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