PMQG Medallion WIP

In the past week I have been working hard to catch up on my Portland Modern Quilt Guild Medallion quilt.  I was officially two borders behind… and now I am all caught up…

PMQG Medallion wipAs an officer” of the Guild this year I was gently persuaded to take part in this Medallion along but really wish I had thought my colour scheme through a bit better.  As my husband loudly stated last week “why on earth are you making a pastel quilt!” .  I have been asking myself that question for a couple of months now!

Medallion detailDon’t get me wrong I am loving the process of making this quilt, I just wish I had thought about the fact I would have to live with pastels for months and months!  But the process…oh I love the process.   Each month another border is added and each month, where possible, I turn the border into a paper piecing pattern.

New border detailsFor this month’s border I made a triangle/flying geese paper pattern (which you can find here PMQG Medallion Border 4 pattern) and the corner-stone pattern as well (you can find that pattern here  PMQG Medallion border 4 cornerstones)

Medallion border detailIf paper piecing does not float your boat but you like the borders, check out the PMQG Medallion site.  My fellow officers have done a great job of explaining how to make the borders with traditional piecing.  You will also find all the directions and measurements for our Medallion if you are interested in playing along.

As it is Wednesday I am of course linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.

18 thoughts on “PMQG Medallion WIP

    • Carolyn the cross border pattern is on the PMGQ site… the paper pieced corner block is one I printed up from EQ7. It is a variation on a log cabin. It is a 4 inch block and was ridiculously fiddly but I am pleased with how it turned out.

      • I guess I mentioned the wrong row. I am looking for a paper pieced pattern for the corner block of the row after the cross border. The square with the print edges around it. Sorry for the confusion. Love the pattern by the way.

  1. You know…I thought it was very “pastel-ish”…but that it is beautiful! I have always wanted to make one as part of a group sew along (time does not permit…sigh) and I’m so glad you posted links! Enjoying watching this one come to life!

  2. I confess that when I saw this I thought WordPress had stuffed up the picture, or two blogs had got mixed up. But then I remembered your low volume baby quilts. It’s not a typical Wombat quilt, but it is very beautiful!

  3. I am going to check out your patterns! I am stumped on where to go with my medallion quilt and have been thinking on it for a long time and have been about to call it good, but I might just get inspired again after seeing yours!

  4. I love your mediallian quilt. I have become interested in the process of the mediallian quilts but don’t have the time to even start one right now. Are you going to keep these instructions available when the quilt is finished?

    • The Portland Modern Quilt Guild instructions and links will be up for quite a while and I will keep my paper piecing patterns for the Medallion up as long as I keep the site up. I will try and organize them better so they are easily accessible.

      • Thank you! I love your site and visit often. I just turned 77 and there is just not enough time to do everything that I want to do! I think I need to take a course in time management!

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  6. I didn’t even know sd cards could become corrupted! That’s awful. I’d have a fit too. The pastel color scheme doesn’t seem very in line with your typical style. It is pretty though.

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