Paper Piecing Monday’s Little Houses…

This past week I have working away on projects for other people… which has somewhat limited my selfish sewing.  In between finishing charity quilts I have been making tiny little houses…

a group of houses

These little buildings are 5 1/2 inch square and are the only paper piecing I have done in the last week or so….  the pattern is called “Outhouse” and is by Carolyn Friedlander …I am also using mainly her fabrics to make this round of blocks…

pattern and fabric

I am going to be teaching a class on making these little houses at my LQS, Modern Domestic, and this will be my class sample…

a pile of blocks

I am almost done with making the blocks and it has been a fun challenge… and I have employed quite a few tricks which have made the process a little easier.

block pieces

I am looking forward to getting back to some of my other projects later this week…. I hear my Lizzy House butterflies calling my name.

6 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Monday’s Little Houses…

  1. Very interesting! I’ve seen a lot of house quilts, but never one with those roof seams. Not sure how I feel about that. Maybe some linear quilting can hide it, but I’m really thinking some of the older block designs can be made modern with less effort and no awkward seams.

  2. I’m in love both with house designs and with anything Carolyn Friedlander. I adore your houses!!! Okay- that’s it – I have to buy this pattern. Thanks for another great blog post. Even tho I rarely comment, I do read all of your posts!!

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