Playing with a Lizzy Rainbow… and a giveaway

Last weekend my darling husband abandoned me to go on a boys camping trip, and as soon as he had walked out the door I knew exactly what I was doing with my free time….

You see just before DH left I took delivery of the latest Lizzy House range, Lovely Hunt….and I knew that I had to use it immediately so I pulled out ALL my Lizzy House fabric….

my lizzy house stash

…and cut out a 5 inch square from each piece of fabric.  Then, using my hexagon mini for guidance I got to work….

lizzy house hexagon mini wip

As there was no husband I could keep working without having to pack things away… I had squares and fabric all over the floor…and it took me a couple of days to get all the blocks up…I kept adjusting and rearranging, coming back to the design wall in between other tasks…I finally ended up with this…

Lizzy House simple patchwork

The first block I placed was the low volume cats and then I just worked slowly from there.  I tried to tackle one or two colours at a time, making sure that there was a flow to the colours…

the cat start

Not all the fabric made it into this quilt top…

Lizzy House quilt detail

I only ended up using 168 different fabrics and had about 20 left over.  I could not work out how to make the brown palette work so it did not even get a look in.

quilt detail 3

A couple of the prints had too much colour variation in them at 5 inches big to make the them work, but all the wonderful blenders…the Pearl Bracelets, the mini bracelets, the Butterflies and the chain links helped make the novelty fabrics play nice.

the king and queen

This quilt is definitely my quilt… it is not going anywhere but onto our couch.  As the weather starts to turn icky here in the Pacific Northwest this quilt will keep me warm and cozy…. all I have to do is finish it up!

Now while I was cutting up my Lizzy Stash I cut an extra fat eight or two for a give away.  By the time I had finished working through my stash I had a stack of 25 different fabrics… including quite a few out of print beauties, as well as some of the new Lovely Hunt….

giveaway bundle

So if you would like to win this fat eight bundle just leave a comment below, telling me what you would do with this wonderful bundle of colour.  I will draw a winner next Wednesday, and as always the contest is open to my overseas friends too.

This giveaway is closed. Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to Linda who won.

301 thoughts on “Playing with a Lizzy Rainbow… and a giveaway

  1. I would use this beautiful bundle of color to teach a color lesson at my family’s annual “Girls’ Pinterest Day”, which happens to be focused this year on learning to quilt. My mom is my quilting buddy and we are the quilt teachers. So fun!

  2. Ooohhh, these lovely fabrics would definitely find their way into the big EPP quilt project I am currently working on. It is supposed to turn into a big cozy quilt for my little daughter one day…

  3. I’m midway through a quilt along with Jodi from Tales of Cloth and I’ve hit colour paralysis. I’d love these to help me out 🙂

  4. Definitely would add those fabrics including the Lovely Hunt to the Meadow Quilt I have planned. I took her class but haven’t really gotten started on the rest of the blocks- need to finish 2x mini quilts and mail them first!!!!

  5. So generous of you to part with some of your Lizzy stash! I would make something inspired by a rainbow … I’m not sure what yet … I’m fickle with my obsessions! Thank you for the giveaway!

  6. First I would pat them then drool over the colours. Then I would probably make a little quilt with colour flow like yours. Very pretty

  7. Hi there Cath,
    Oooo…your quilt is soooo beautiful!!! I only have a couple of Lizzy prints, as I live out in the boonies and there are no LQS anywhere near me! I drool and dream at the pics in online stores but just cannot handle the high delivery costs!!! (I live on a Disability pension-which really cuts in to my quilty spending!!! ACK!!!
    I would probably make a rainbow table topper to go on my extra-large coffee table…then I could enjoy it every day!
    Quilty Huggs,

  8. I’ve been wanting to make a rainbow quilt too. I thought I would do a 16 or 24 patch of 2 and a half inch squares, but I’m not sure yet. I’m missing purples and pinks, but will eventually get them all. cdahlgren at live dot com

  9. I live in PNW – Everett area, and yes its getting colder here and is always rainy too. If I received your wonderful fat eights selection, I would love to try some of your PP patterns and make either a wall hanging or add it to some of my stash and make a throw for the couch too. Love all your quilts, posts etc.

  10. What would I do? Drool over the beautiful fabrics for a while, stroke them, rearrange the colours…the list goes on and on. Finally, I would make myself a pretty quilt with them. BUt then again, perhaps a pretty table topper!

  11. Wow – that is a wonderful give-away! My daughter is almost 6 months old and doesn’t have a quilt yet. I think these fabrics would be perfect for making her a special quilt! Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Gorgeous!!! I recently started collecting Lizzy fabrics to make a quilt for myself (but it will probably be shared with my daughter who thinks everything that comes from my sewing machine should be hers!) I’d love to add these to my growing collection! Thanks for the opportunity and the continued inspiration!

  13. I am amazed at your use of color. I am looking forward to trying paper piecing again with a renewed interest. Adding to the color stash will be wonderful!

  14. i would you in my hexi quilt that is all rainbows and made from scrapes and a few fat quarters. Would love to add this to it

  15. I have a few small BOM that I am following and these bright fabrics would fit right into one. Thanks for the opportunity to win these fun fabrics.

  16. I love your quilt. I make a lot of “I spy” quilts with novelty fabrics, and really like to work with rainbow layouts of the squares. (There need to be more purple, yellow, & orange-based novelties – too many are brown or beige, imho!). Your quilt is a new inspiration for me. These fabrics would be great for my next project!

  17. I’m playing with ideas for a wall quilt to hang in a small nook that is lined on either side with book cases. As I sit at my computer/sewing machine, my eye goes naturally to the blank wall space between the book cases, so I need a very special little quilt there, one filled with beautiful colors and prints. The Lizzy fabrics would be just the thing!

  18. My daughters’ teddy bear Lollipop (that’s the name she came up with as a two year old) needs a new quilt apparently. I’m quite attached to that teddy seeing as it’s been my daughters favourite teddy for nine years. I just might make time to grant her request. Some Lizzy House fabric (which I don’t have) would make a very fine quilt for a much loved bear.

  19. Oh man oh man oh man oh man I would LOVE to win this! I have been wanting to make an EPP hexi rainbow gradient eye spy quilt for my kiddos (okay, and for me!), so this would get me well on my way. I need to build my stash of tone on tone fun fussy-cut friendly fabrics with interesting pictures. aka my Lizzy House stash needs some bulking!

  20. Love your Quilt! & the Hexie one is my Fave!! Love the Kitty faces!!! 🙂 I am just learning to make Hexie’ would use this Win, to make more Hexie’s! Thanks for chance! 🙂

  21. I really want to make a rainbow quilt of some kind. I would like to try a scrappy FPP star project….a throw size quilt just for myself : )

  22. I am in awe of your beautiful quilt creations!!! I envy all the fabric you have to make them!!! If I won this beautiful collection, I would make a quilt! Thanks for the chance!!

  23. That is a beautiful selection of Lizzy fabrics. I’d combine it with others I have and make a colourful lap size quilt.

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