Playing with a Lizzy Rainbow… and a giveaway

Last weekend my darling husband abandoned me to go on a boys camping trip, and as soon as he had walked out the door I knew exactly what I was doing with my free time….

You see just before DH left I took delivery of the latest Lizzy House range, Lovely Hunt….and I knew that I had to use it immediately so I pulled out ALL my Lizzy House fabric….

my lizzy house stash

…and cut out a 5 inch square from each piece of fabric.  Then, using my hexagon mini for guidance I got to work….

lizzy house hexagon mini wip

As there was no husband I could keep working without having to pack things away… I had squares and fabric all over the floor…and it took me a couple of days to get all the blocks up…I kept adjusting and rearranging, coming back to the design wall in between other tasks…I finally ended up with this…

Lizzy House simple patchwork

The first block I placed was the low volume cats and then I just worked slowly from there.  I tried to tackle one or two colours at a time, making sure that there was a flow to the colours…

the cat start

Not all the fabric made it into this quilt top…

Lizzy House quilt detail

I only ended up using 168 different fabrics and had about 20 left over.  I could not work out how to make the brown palette work so it did not even get a look in.

quilt detail 3

A couple of the prints had too much colour variation in them at 5 inches big to make the them work, but all the wonderful blenders…the Pearl Bracelets, the mini bracelets, the Butterflies and the chain links helped make the novelty fabrics play nice.

the king and queen

This quilt is definitely my quilt… it is not going anywhere but onto our couch.  As the weather starts to turn icky here in the Pacific Northwest this quilt will keep me warm and cozy…. all I have to do is finish it up!

Now while I was cutting up my Lizzy Stash I cut an extra fat eight or two for a give away.  By the time I had finished working through my stash I had a stack of 25 different fabrics… including quite a few out of print beauties, as well as some of the new Lovely Hunt….

giveaway bundle

So if you would like to win this fat eight bundle just leave a comment below, telling me what you would do with this wonderful bundle of colour.  I will draw a winner next Wednesday, and as always the contest is open to my overseas friends too.

This giveaway is closed. Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to Linda who won.

301 thoughts on “Playing with a Lizzy Rainbow… and a giveaway

  1. Oh my what treasures!!! I came in late to the Lizzy House bandwagon, so I sadly missed out on a few of her earlier lines. I would be so thrilled to win these little jewels! I would make a colorful mini rainbow just like yours to hang in my sewing studio – it would guarantee a smile every morning :*D

  2. You know what? I just got the material list for Lizzy House’s Meadow Quilt workshop (I’m going to the one in Maine!), and on the list are Fat Eighths. This is meant to be 😉 Great giveaway, I love your work!

  3. What better way to spend ‘husband free’ time!! I’m looking forward to my husbands trip to Oregon in a couple weeks for the same reason you stated…I won’t have to pick up my quilting! I love how you placed each and every block! It is beautiful! If I won, I would use this bundle for my week without my husband…making a quilt!

  4. Just finishing up on a one block wonder and would love to make another hexie quilt with these beautiful fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. I would have to make a star quilt where each star is a different colour. I love both of your quilts. So many options with all that colour.

  6. What a lovely collection, and you are so generous to part with them. I have been bitten by the HEXI bug. Would try to make a gradations wall quilt like yours. Thanks for the chance to win. I love it when my husband goes on a fishing trip, woo hoo. I even help him pack.

  7. I would take the bundle to my best sewing friend and devide it. I know she would love the greens and she is a huge fan of Lizzy House. I have found some I would really love to use as well. What I would really sew? Mhh, I most often combine designers, so it depends on my draw and my “stash coordinates”. I really love HST designs at the moment.

    Lovely quilt, btw. You made good use of your free time.

  8. I’m pretty sure this quilt gave me a quilty dream last night as I saw your pic right before shutting my eyes! I dreamt I did something similar with my Lizzy fabric only I cut out strips… And – randomly – they were sewn together by oneshabbychick 😳 who I don’t even know but whose quilts I was also looking at as I fell asleep last night. Anywhos… Yeah – I like to think I’d do something similar in real life with this bundle. 😊 Thanks!

  9. I love getting a notice in my email that you have a post. That’s a little gift for me. I’d use the fabrics for another gift to me 😉

  10. Love your quilt and those hexies! I came late to the Lizzy House party so I would love to add that bundle to my stash.Those beauties would definitely become a quilt of some sort. Thanks for the chance!

  11. Wow, I would so love these fabrics. I am planning a spinning star quilt for my bed and I would use them in that quilt. Your quilt is beautiful and will definitely brighten up the winter days and nights! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I’m recently returned to quilting, and just spied Sparkle Punch with the wonky stars that nestle together. That is on my ‘very soon’ list and so much variety would certainly make that Sparkle. Meanwhile, I’ll just admire your finished piece a bit more.

  13. I love your quilt. It’s adorable. I’m not sure what I would make with your beautiful giveaway fabric, but if I win I’ll have a great time deciding.

  14. Your quilt is lovely. If I were lucky enough to win I would use the fabrics to make a new quilt for my 2-year old granddaughter, for her new big bed!

  15. Absolutely love your colour arrangement. Beautiful! You have inspired me to see what lizzy house I have. I would love to win your gorgeous bundle. I have been wanting to have a go a your square in square paper pieced block. I have paper pieced a lot of intricate Doctor Who blocks and other picture blocks but not just a specific block for a quilt. I’m thinking the square in square block would be great for fussy cutting Lizzy house for the centres. Fingers crossed 🙂

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