Playing with a Lizzy Rainbow… and a giveaway

Last weekend my darling husband abandoned me to go on a boys camping trip, and as soon as he had walked out the door I knew exactly what I was doing with my free time….

You see just before DH left I took delivery of the latest Lizzy House range, Lovely Hunt….and I knew that I had to use it immediately so I pulled out ALL my Lizzy House fabric….

my lizzy house stash

…and cut out a 5 inch square from each piece of fabric.  Then, using my hexagon mini for guidance I got to work….

lizzy house hexagon mini wip

As there was no husband I could keep working without having to pack things away… I had squares and fabric all over the floor…and it took me a couple of days to get all the blocks up…I kept adjusting and rearranging, coming back to the design wall in between other tasks…I finally ended up with this…

Lizzy House simple patchwork

The first block I placed was the low volume cats and then I just worked slowly from there.  I tried to tackle one or two colours at a time, making sure that there was a flow to the colours…

the cat start

Not all the fabric made it into this quilt top…

Lizzy House quilt detail

I only ended up using 168 different fabrics and had about 20 left over.  I could not work out how to make the brown palette work so it did not even get a look in.

quilt detail 3

A couple of the prints had too much colour variation in them at 5 inches big to make the them work, but all the wonderful blenders…the Pearl Bracelets, the mini bracelets, the Butterflies and the chain links helped make the novelty fabrics play nice.

the king and queen

This quilt is definitely my quilt… it is not going anywhere but onto our couch.  As the weather starts to turn icky here in the Pacific Northwest this quilt will keep me warm and cozy…. all I have to do is finish it up!

Now while I was cutting up my Lizzy Stash I cut an extra fat eight or two for a give away.  By the time I had finished working through my stash I had a stack of 25 different fabrics… including quite a few out of print beauties, as well as some of the new Lovely Hunt….

giveaway bundle

So if you would like to win this fat eight bundle just leave a comment below, telling me what you would do with this wonderful bundle of colour.  I will draw a winner next Wednesday, and as always the contest is open to my overseas friends too.

This giveaway is closed. Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to Linda who won.

301 thoughts on “Playing with a Lizzy Rainbow… and a giveaway

  1. What a beautiful quilt. I would love to make something similar, or perhaps these would end up in an I spy quilt for my daughter (and me!)

  2. A rainbow half square triangle quilt made with all Lizzy fabrics was my first thought, but a a scrappy trip along would also be amazing!

  3. I have been wanting to do exactly what you did – make myself a big all-Lizzy quilt with every print I’ve got! Your bundle includes prints I don’t have yet, and would add to the size of the quilt!

  4. Oh my goodness. There is nothing I would want more than this fabric bundle. First I would lay them all out on my bed and just look at them. Then I would make myself a lizzyhouse quilt .. put it back on my bed and look at it some more. Fingers crossed☺

  5. Well, first I would hug it, and then I would stroke it, and unfold it and look at it, and fold it back up and make different stacks… Eventually though, I think it would find its way into a couple of baby quilts. Thanks for the chance!

  6. Hello…I’ve been following your wonderful work for a while now and love the colours and fabrics in this quilt…I’d keep it too!! I think that I would make an “I Spy” quilt for my 10 month old Grandson Grayson to enjoy….I’m into “teaching” quilts and educational things for him at the moment and this would fit in perfectly. Your work inspires so much and so many….thank you and cheers from Brisbane, Australia.

  7. What a lovely and generous giveaway! I would need to make i think a quilt similar to 1/4″ mark’s rainbow houses quilt she made a few years ago.

  8. I am making a quilt right now that is 4.5 in rectangle with 2.5 in squares and so forth. Free pattern called Now and Later. I rather like the way it looks so this would be perfect.

  9. What a gorgeous group of fabric! I’d love to make a triangle mini with these, using the tutorial you posted recently! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I love this quilt Cath! Lizzy’s fabric is so vibrant and wonderful for a rainbow layout. I love the simplicity of this design yet it still packs a punch. I’d like to make something similar.

  11. oooo – I think possibly a plus quilt with a low volume background, or maybe a set of colorful place-mats as a gift for a lovely family I know who’ve just had their 4th baby!

  12. I love your beautiful quilts, especially the delightful mini! I would use this wonderful fabric to make some cosmetic pouches for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for sharing it, and thanks for your inspiring blog!

  13. Hi Cath – another inspiring quilt from you!! I’m making a free-form hexie “thing” with b&w prints and a few black w/gold accents for interest. Seeing what you’ve done has made me wish I’d tried to have a bit more of a plan before I started! But, hey – I’m pretty good at making the hexies and sewing them together now – ha! So, with my improving skills, I’d add this awesome bundle to my other scraps and actually do something “planned!” Well, as much as I ever plan anything, at least!

  14. I adore Lizzy House fabric but until recently it wasn’t really stocked much in UK shops – glad that’s changed now! This would become part of my meadow quilt that has been languishing in a box for over a year but that I’m determined to finally finish!

  15. Hi Cath! I’m always inspired by your quilts and really love this one! I miss making a quilt with simple pattern (without creating any picture and stories as so often). So I would like to make a quilt with just squares – perhaps with different size squares. Thank you for sharing those beautiful fabrics! x Teje

  16. I’m thinking it’ll go into the Meadow Quilt I’ve just started. I just did a workshop today with Lizzy House in Sydney and it was brilliant and inspirational!

  17. Oh wow! I would do something just for me!! and keep it for me, and no one else would be allowed near it!! I would be eager to try out some epp hexies or diamonds 🙂

  18. I would make a Lizzy House quilt just for me! I love the idea of have a mix of Lizzy House prints in a quilt so that they are always out there for me to see and and to fondle💖💖💖😄

  19. Since I really like your Lizzy rainbow squares and it would be your fabrics I’d start with, I’d take my inspiration from you and work on a rainbow for myself, finally.

  20. I’m always inspired by your quilts. I would sew a welcome quilt for my new house. Today we start to plaster the wall where we could place it.
    Sonnige Grüße aus Deutschland

  21. Wow, what an amazing giveaway. Wish my stash looked as good as that!! If I won I would use these in my meadow quilt. Looking forward to the Lizzy House class in NZ next month.

  22. I am a grandmother, I have 11 grandsons, to 9 of them I already made bedspreads and I have to do 2 more. I will be happy to use your fabrics because I don’t find buty like this in Israel.

  23. I love all the fussy cutting in your quilt top. So fun. I have really nerdy in law’s who like to play a lot of boardgames and I’ve been meaning to make stackable dishes for all their pieces in lots of different colours (so they don’t get mixed up). This bundle would be perfect for that.

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