Remember me….

First of all I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season.  I managed to take an unexpectedly long break over this Christmas period… and I am sorry I went radio silent for so long. It was not my intention but life has a wonderful way of throwing you curve balls…. and this curve ball involved me managing to get extreme Vertigo.   The year is going out with a bang for sure!

Anyhoo I have manged to get my act together enough to bring you another Hodge Podge block for Paper Piecing Monday….

christmas star quilt block

This is my Christmas star…and though a little late, I hope you will still have some fun with this pattern.  I love have made quilt a few different stars using this shape, and I love this simpler version, which works well at the small 6 inch size.  If you would like the pattern, the free PDF can be found here….christmas star pattern

As I am now that I seem to have a handle on the dizziness I am hoping to get back to a more regular posting schedule…. until the universe finds another fun malady to thrown at me!!!

22 thoughts on “Remember me….

  1. Welcome back, you have been missed! I hope you manage to keep the vertigo at bay and that it stays away, and that your other health problems are abating.
    I have to tell you that I’m looking at your pattern library with a fresh eye these days; I shocked myself by making Piece by Number’s tea cup pattern *and enjoying it* despite all the weeny pieces. I think I may soon be ready for something *really* complicated….

  2. Welcome back! With the vertigo – when is the last time you had your eyes checked? My sister found her vertigo was due to ocular migraines – dizzy but no headaches. Need you healthy to keep me inspired!

  3. Having had a fortunately-short bout of vertigo years ago, I’m thankful for no repea,t and empathize strongly. Dizzy is an awful way to try to function. So glad you’re back, and love the star!

    • But I guess the eyes are not synching with the brain and fingers, with that extra comma in there. Maybe more sleep is in order….

  4. Wishing you good health as we enter the new year.
    Also, that block is awesome. I think you may have inspired me to try at least one paper-pieced block. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  5. Your blocks are always so nice. Thank you. My hubby had that dizzy/vertigo thing too. After lots of tests, it was confirmed as a virus that is going around. It lasted about ten days and was severe at times. He’s fine now!

  6. Happy Holidays and welcome back! I finished my 1st FMQ yesterday. Once I’m ready to venture to paper piecing I’ll start with some of your beautiful patterns and take inspiration from your fabric fantastic choices.

  7. Vertigo really stinks!!! Certainly makes it difficult to do the most mundane task, let alone piece blocks!! I hope the new year brings good health and lots of creative energy for you!

  8. I was just thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. Hope 2016 is a great year for you. Thanks for sharing your creative talent with us.

  9. On the bright side one of these days you’ll be well, then you’ll be a force to be reckoned with lol. I can sympathize with a rough, unwell 2015 but 2016 is so close now and I’m looking forward to a more productive sewing year in my studio and i wish the same for you xox lucky us Aussie girls are so tough huh? !

  10. Oh poor you. I had that happen totally out of the blue 2 years ago this February – still deal with after affects from it. Annoying. I mainly only notice it when I move my head too fast or when I lie down in bed at night. Good luck on your recovery.

  11. Feeling your pain, I’ve had vertigo off and on for well over 5 years, and it’s no fun. I also have other medical problems that won’t go away, so I’ve been rooting for you to get better. Usually vertigo is treatable, goes away and never comes back. Rule 1 though, do not lay flat on your bed, either on your back or sides, it makes it worse. After sleeping in a recliner for at least two years, I got a hospital bed through my pain management doctor, and it’s been great being able to go to bed and keep my head elevated. Keep plugging away, and hope things turn around for you soon. I love your paper piecing blocks, and have no problem understanding why you can’t do it as often as you like. cdahlgren at live dot com

  12. Missed you Cath – and you certainly have my sympathy and best wishes for a healthy new year! I have tinnitus now – sounds like a slinky toy in my head BUT! I won’t let it prevent me from sewing or knitting! So glad to see you posting again.

  13. Even before reading the post, I thought this is a lovely christmas star. So I guessed right then 🙂

    I wish you all the best for 2016 and many blessings for your health. You were really chasted this year and I keep my fingers crossed that you have a better year 2016.

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