Another miniature Paper Piecing Monday

This week I was excited to get my latest delivery of Ava & Neve’s monthly Liberty Club.  Once a month I get a wonderful curated bundle of fat sixteenth’s cuts of Liberty Lawn to add to my slowly growing collection of Liberty.

If you are not familiar with Liberty Lawn it is a beautifully delicate cotton that has been made for centuries by Liberty of London.  What makes this fabric so special is how soft the handle is and how vibrant and varied the prints are.  I have been collecting little bits and pieces (fat eights mainly) for about two years and have a small but pretty collection… and I am loving adding to my stash every month with new prints through the subscription service.

Liberty fabric

So when the latest bundle of fabrics arrived I felt the need to make something immediately with all my little pieces…. so I took one of my old patterns and shrunk it down just a little and started making 2 inch Liberty hearts….

heart block

Lots and lots of two inch Liberty hearts.  What I love about this pattern is that it showcases the fabric so beautifully without taking too much fabric to make…. oh and it is really easy to piece too.

miniture liberty hearts

So if you are interested in making some really small hearts for a project you can find the free paper piecing pattern here….Mini hearts pattern

15 thoughts on “Another miniature Paper Piecing Monday

  1. I love it, what did you use for the background? Just cottons? I have a large stash of Liberty that I got from a monthly too and have been wondering if a regular cotton would work well with the light weight lawns.

    • Hi Barbara. He background in these blocks is all quilting cotton. I have had no problems with using quilting cotton and Liberty. I have also used a good hockey Essex linen with Liberty which has also worked perfectly.

  2. If I didn’t already have projects to last me to the end of my working life, and if I didn’t already have a cupboard full of fabric, and if I didn’t already have 5 boxes full of scraps…. Tana lawn is just the best ever, not only beautiful and soft, but also durable, easy to work with and gets better with age. I hope this is one quilt you’ll be hanging onto for yourself!

  3. I have just a few pieces of Liberty and this might just be the perfect project for them. I am curious though, what have you sewn the fabrics to? It looks translucent.

  4. Thanks for the pattern. It will make a perfect border for my round robin quilt. It’s just the right size. Your Liberty fabrics are lovely.

  5. I’m confused about the printing instructions. My printer does not offer the option for ‘print actual size’. The 2nd line of the instructions state (that it is 6 inches) what is 6 inches? These are 2 inch paper pieced blocks. Please help clear up my confusion. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Sheila. If your print dialogue box does not have a “print actual size” or a percentage box then the only way to check your accuracy is to measure the pattern page once it is printed. Each heart block should measure 2 inches (the 6 inches is a typo…sorry).

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